Is it the same where you live

    Around here in the UK , more and more people ride cycles without lights after dark, do you find it's the same where you live ? It gets dark around here at about 4.30pm , and as I drive home I notice too many people ,and particulary children delivery news papaers riding bicyles without lights. I'm a cyclist myself ( at weekends) and I always have a set of working lights on my bike, and I turn them on when it gets a bit dull. I always think if cars have their lights on, it's time to switch your bike lights on, what do you think ?

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    The kids and "adult" cyclists in my area actually ride on the pavements when it's dark, no lights, no reflectors, no "Hi Viz" clothing, plus you can't hear them coming from behind you.

    I've never heard of anyone being prosecuted for this extremely foolish and dangerous activity.


    Texas law requires bicycle riders to have a white light on the front and a red reflector or red light on the rear for riding at night.



    Yes the law here says that you should have a white light on the front , and a red light on the back, as well as a reflector, but it seems to me that the law is ignored by most ,including the police.
    country bumpkin

    Yep, I have yet to see a bicyclist being pulled over by a police officer.

    Here in Canada, same thing. Cyclists seem to be choosing black, as their favorite color in athletic clothing. Little do they realize, that they can barely be seen on the road and especially without lights on their bicycles. The laws are in place but of course, unless laws are enforced, they are useless.

    Cyclists here get away with murder.There seems to be 2 sets of rules & they are always in the right Or the 'Victim'.


    Motorcyclists are our current 'victims'. "Cars need to give us room, watch out for us, we have rights too....blah, blah, blah." Meanwhile, they are almost always travelling at double the posted speed (or even higher) and often darting in and out of lanes. They drive like maniacs with a death wish!!!

    Yes, and most people wear dark clothing at night,so in dimly lit areas, they're hard for a motorist to see.

    Where I live, they all have lights on unless they are trying to sneak up and then I can't see them .......

    Cyclists are getting too arrogant in my opinion, for instance a woman in Cambridge bashed a cyclist with a bag of dog faeces because he was riding too close to her on a designated cycle/pedestrian path. As for riding without lights the police need to act on this one though under-age kids can't be charged.

    PS I am a cyclist and my bike is equipped with lights and I wear a hi-viz jacket.


    Yes I agree, some cylists are a bit too arrogant, and yes I think the police should act, may be they should go and have a word with the parents, because after all the parents should be making sure their kids have road worthy bikes with lights and a bell.I always wear a hi-viz jacket when I'm out on my bike, but I notice most people who ride without lights wear dark clothes as well, that seems to be asking for trouble I think.

    Aussie have these new laws,,and if you are doing over 60klm you have to be a meter and a half away,,do not know how they are going to enforce it though..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..""


    Stupid law Terry.I have had several cars coming toward me veer onto the wrong side of the road to avoid bikes.I don't know where they expected me to go.I'm the one who had to brake to avoid a head on collision.
    terryfossil 1

    I am with you Tom,apparently mate if you cannot give the distance,you gotta stop,and have the car behind run up your cadanga....>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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