what can we do to this company for taking our money . i want my money back and put a law suit on them and put them out of business someone needs to investigate this company and others . this is a scam and im sure its ileagal we need to work together and get thesenco where it hurts because they have hurt so many people so when is someone gonna dom some thing about this am pretty sure this is igleal come on people lets get them back

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    What company is it ? Where, what happened. Do you think they are willing to risk their life to scam you? Need info to begin the process.

    It seems to me the company did not take your money. You gave it to the company by subscribing or....

    Buyer beware still holds true.

    I personally hound on-line theft quite hard. By researching the business, tracking down owners and employees, their information, etc. It takes work to gather a lot of information, but when it comes to digging in deep on personal information for the on-line business….it is not difficult. Stay legal and never make threats but keep it personal, polite and don’t give up.     

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