Should a small child and a dog be left in the same room alone.

    There was a 4 year old child killed by a French Bullmastif which was the family pet here in England yesterday, Some people are calling for dogs to be muzzled, I tend to agree with the dog breader who was on TV this morning when he said, all dogs are capable of bitiing , and everyone should remember this, they should not be left in the same room as a small child on their own. As he said it only takes a sudden bang or unusual noise when the dog is being stoked or sometimes pulled around by a child, for the dog to turn on them. It is not usually the dogs fault, more likely the owners that need training. A friend and neighbour of ours had a dog for about ten years, lovely collier dog , it used to wait for her every morning outside the bathroom door, until one morning a few months ago, she came out of the bathroom bent over to stroke him and he turned on her, he bit he nose almost off, she had to have major surgery to stitch it back. I think that proves that you can't be too careful.

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    people forget that a dog still has the genes in him to be a wild animal.

    Very true mycatsmom.

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    I have kept dogs all my life, I have also had two children, at no time would i have left my kids alone with any of my dogs, the dogs were all loving family pets but little children tend to be a bit rough with some pets, I'm sorry for the families loss but the little girl should never have been left alone with a bull mastiff (as good a pet as it was), all dogs are capable of turning on anyone,I don't agree about all dogs being muzzled, these incidents are very rare.


    Yes I agree , and I think to muzzle a dog is more likley to make it more agressive, this seems to be happening alot lately.I think alot of dog owners are in need of some training in how to handle their dogs. maybe the govenment should do something useful for a change , and set up some training system/ programe.

    Good idea Dave, some of these dog owners only have these dogs as a status symbol and treat them like s**t,they shouldn't be allowed near a n animal, all dogs are potentially dangerous, an old neighbour of mine got the end of his nose bitten off by his bloody pet Chihuahua.

    What a tragedy!   Don't leave small kids with ANY sized dog.  Ya just never know.  Even a big kid (like hector, for example) can get bitten for no obvious reason.  



    Yes i think Dennis has been bitten a few times, not always by dogs though.

    Dogs are by nature hunters, and these instinctive behaviors may not have been totally bred out of the dog.  I agree that many stimuli can cause these behaviors to activate, at unknown times.  Good idea to monitor a dog with a small child.  Just a child running, or surprising the dog may be a prey-like action which could trigger the attack. 



    I am unsure of that answer. I will read more and come back to it later.

    As a dog owner and lover I can say the following:

    1) The breed of the dog matters. If the generations of the dogs were used for protection and they are violent, there is a high risk that with your dog it might also happen.

    2) Any dog is the huge responsibility. If you have a big one, make sure it is brought up properly and it listens to you without any hesitations.

    3) Any child can provoke a dog, so you shouldn't leave a baby and a dog in one room without supervision just in case.

    owners are the main problem with animals..a dog is not a dumb animal,,in fact it is quite often smarter than the owner,,however a dog can be trained to be smart.but at the end of the day it is still a pack animal..and it does not matter what try and take a bone off a German sheppard or a Shitzu ..they will both growl at where the kid and dog are concerned ,always be cautions,,i have been bitten by 2 dogs,,once on the leg,once on the dog and someone elses dog,,and guess what ,,both times it was my fault......DOGS RULE.....have a nice day

    There's always something in the news about a pit bull killing or maiming a child. My mom's roomate in the hosp had her little grandson come into the E R of the same hosp , b/c a neighbor's pit bull bit him on the cheek. Later, I had that boy for a student as a long term sub teacher. There was a rounded scar on his cheek.  In a different incident, in a pre-school where I worked, there was a 3 yr. old boy with a front tooth missing. I thought he was a little young for that; and his mom  said a dog knocked out his tooth.

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