Who is/was the oldest person you know/knew? How old?

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    a guy called George,,he was in his early 90s when he moved on,,,he was one of the early members of Alcoholics Anonamous,,back when they used china coffee cups,,,too many shakey drunks broke the china,so they went to plastic or cardboard cups,,,and in his honour i will say he died SOBER...he was a good man.. 


    .They say red wine is good for you, b/c it has anti oxidents in it that help prevent strokes and heart attacks.
    terryfossil 1

    not really MCM..if he kept drinking when he was younger,, he would not have lived long

    Yes, people have to be careful with even Red Wine. Wine Took My Daddy. (The sounds like a country/western song.

    there seem to be quite a few recovering alchoholics here . I applaud them for quitting.

    Good ole George...he must have known Bill W. and Dr. Bob that is too cool!

    It is surprising the number of members I meet when asked if they are friends of Bill W. don’t know who he is. Ah, education…….

    Great Aunt Hertha..was 104 when I met her and 107 when she passed over.


    that's amazing, Lindi

    My Dad's family has many centenarians!

    I worked for a volunteer organization a few years ago, and through them, visited a woman once a week, for two years. She was 98 when my visits started. I went to her 100th birthday party and she passed away a few months later. She was ill with heart problems and also blind. She and I laughed out loud at every visit. She was a charmer.


    You have the lovely memories of her, for the rest of your life ducky.

    I sure do...I think of her often. :)

    Many in my family have lived into their 90's. Currently, my dad's first cousin  is 96, frail, but what a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.  Another first cousin of his was born November 12, 1913 (11-12-13) and is creeping up on her 100th birthday.  Both cousins are living nearby. 
    My dear Mom would have been 95 on December 3, and my dad's brother passed away this spring just before his 96th birthday.  


    I knew a man 93. He had Dementia. (or Altzheimers)

    So,PKB. You do have longevity in your family.Long live Bob/PKB

    The oldest person I know is 100 years old, she was the lady who taught me to play the piano when I was a child, she still teaches a few adults to play including my wife. She is a wonderful old lady, full of knowlage, I see her when I drop off or pick my wife up at hers, she loves to talk about politics and whats going on in the world. She loves to sit at the piano with me and play a duet, and she will play any piece of Chopin as good as anyone, she has a lovely light touch on the keys still. She had a big party on her 100th birthday, all her friends were there both now and from years gone by, and of cause all her old pupils, well those of us that are still around anyway. Up until about four years ago, she used to ride her bike around the village where she lives, and carry her shopping home in the basket on the front, and she could bend over and touch her toes up until about that time, not sure if she can still do that now, as she recently had a hip replacement. She is a truly remarkable woman.


    VERY cool! What a gift to have a neighbor and friend like her! Imagine playing the piano so well at 100. Awesome. Give her a hug for me, but be gentle. :D

    I gave her a hug from you Bob, when I called yesterday, she thought that was wonderful I told her it was from my friend who lives in America. She said what a marvelous thing that internet is,and that she will remember you in her prayers, bless her.

    Sunny, you (and your dear friend)just made my day!

    awesome, sunny .What a sweet lady ♥

    My great grandmother is 102 now and still living ...Cincinnati Ohio

    My grandmother was 105 when she passed, had all of her faculties but damn it, need hearing aids.


    My great-grandmother also lived to be 105, was in San Francisco when the big earthquake struck in 1906 and had all of her teeth when she passed. She frequently ate a pound of cherries at a sitting. Perhaps the anti-oxidants contributed to her longevity.

    I love cherries…..

    I love cherries and teeth.

    I know an okd lady who is 95 & she doesn't wear reading glasses & never has.My mother in law is 90 & going strong.I have a $10 bet going with her that she outlives me. :)


    How are you/is she going to collect on that bet? Did you two put $10 each into an envelope and label it "For the Survivor"? IGAD!

    I'm fine Phil.(Trouble is,so is she.LOL)No we haven't put the money aside.I think I should be able to rake up the 10 bucks if I outlive her.

    I Give A D**n

    Thanks Phyllis.I know you do.A very Merry Christmas to you & yours BTW.I hope you enjoy the holiday season as much as I do.

    Definitely, although this one will exclude my eldest and his children. I have to excuse myself from stressful situations. :(
    I'm looking forward to hearing about your holiday, because it is always fun and full of family for you! :D Wishing you ALL the best this holiday season.

    Iv'e  known (without going into much detail) family AND friends that seem,for some reason to live longer when they either PLAY music or LISTEN to music...I don't read notes or music...but I do play the keyboard/piano...I'm 52 now& hope to be making music till I pass. I always relieve stress whenever I play or listen to my own recorded stuff. (or other favorites) seems to have very good stress relieving properties.(And we all know that stress can take away valuable years from a life), So...on that note...Rock on (to whatever you like) and live long!!


    I agree wondered, I play the clarinet and piano , I play the clarinet most days for half an hour or so, and then if I still have a bit of time before dinner I play the piano. The piano relaxes or unwind me more than anything, my cats like the piano as well, they will lay on the floor or on a chair as if they are listening for ages, they are not so keen on the clarinet, they leave the room when I play that.

    There was a lady in my little town that just recently died at the age of 106.They said she was pretty much active till she had a spell. When I saw her pic in the paper, I realized it was the cute , short woman I used to work with in the 70s in the hospitlal. She was a ward clerk, adn I was an  LPN. She had a charming scottish acent, Romos, BTW.  I had seen her in the 80s too ,b/c she showed up at my next door neighbor's house with her blind son. My nieghbor asked me in and I played the lap dulcimer while her blind son accompanied me on the piano.   There was an article and a picture of her 6 years ago , in the paper when she reached 100.  ( sorry about the typos )


    If you click on edit this comment, a box will open and you can make any correction you choose. You can even make corrections on words you put in the box years ago. If I didn't explain that well. See Me. : )
    I had the world by the tail when I discovered that feature a couple of weeks ago.
    The 106 lady was really something. PS (Added Later)
    I did NOT look for your typo or misspelling. I'm glad our group no longer blasts people for making these type of errors. Edit this comment

    PS (Added Later)
    I did NOT look for your typo or misspelling. I'm glad our group no longer blasts people for making these type of errors.

    Oh dang ... I mess that one up!

    itsmee, I have, many times edited my post here . But, if it's not too bad, I don't.Thanks for telling me about edit, tho'

    maarssen,27-11-2013 in holland the oldest lady is 110 years old ,she had her birthday  day before yesterday,,she still plays the piano every day,en walks a bit in her old womens home ,when asked how she became so old she answered,yest keep breathing every day, don,t drink alcohol and dont,smoke any sigarettes or sigars, she likes to hear music every day also house and other newer music .gr cornellmaarssen holland


    Giddyupgomar,That's a record that she is 110 and still is active !
    All of my mother's grandparents came to the U.S. from Holland. Her uncle Henry Blekkink was a doctor and lived to be 100. His patients loved him,b/c he would get on his horse and ride off into the deep woods of Wisconsin, where nary a doctor would go.

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