how much debt in dollors do i owe?

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    Give me a minute or two...............



    These "50's" style cartoons are my favorites; my kids had some t-shirts with different sayings on them, which I confiscated years ago and still wear. My favorites are this same guy, big smile on his face, commenting: WOW! YOU'RE EVEN UGLIER IN PERSON! and, IT'S OFFICIAL...YOU'RE A LOSER.
    Neither of these apply to YOU, of course.

    Yep, the "young" fifties generation......
    Forever "young" at heart anyway,
    How are you P?

    OK. Still exhausted emotionally. My sons have really stepped up the past couple of days; Mom said she couldn't die until she knew they would be OK; imagine their shocked looks when I told them that! :)
    I miss her.
    Thank you for asking. How's the fleamily?

    The fleamily is fine, starting to feel the Scottish winter coming on.

    BRRR! I predict some fun keeping each other warm this winter! (So happy for you two!)
    It's still nice here, but I'm sleeping under the blanket instead of on top of the sheet. Went to the Fresno State football game Saturday night (yes, after the funeral). It was televised, so every time there were commercials, the game had to stop for 3-4 minutes. They had half dozen "review" timeouts. It was pushing midnight when we left, and there were still 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. I had a sweatshirt to wear over my t-shirt, and didn't put it on til I absolutely had to, around 11 P.M.,knowing that if I got colder, there was nothing to keep me warm!
    CSUF remains undefeated! Go 'dogs!!

    A Motza.""

    Nicky, add up all your outstanding and unpaid bills. Then, you'll know.

     Welcome to the adult world .

    Ask the great one he knows  all""



    I can't tell you in dollars but I can tell you in British pounds if you can give me the amounts.

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