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    8 week holiday in Europe, 6 weeks in, lost video and snap shot camera,,,,,how do you swearing or suicidal thoughts please......?????????????????????????????????????  PS,,if anybody got em,,,,,GIVE EM BACK...see calm

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    It would drive me nuts, I'd be enquiring with hotel authorities, police, poolside attendants,anyone I'd been in contact with in the timescale that I discovered they were lost.

    In the end if nothing happens there's not much you can do, put it down to experience and move on.

    Hope you're insured Terry?

    terryfossil 1

    yeah Romos,,cannot replace the photos though

    My son and his buddies were bar hopping in N.Y. city one night.  He lost his video camera in one in his drunken stupor.  He traced his steps back to all the next day, surprised to find that it was at one.  Some hooker who tried to pick them up for business had turned it to the bartender.  My son was elated and left a tip for both the barmaid, and her friend, who was the said hooker!  He was lucky, as it had footage of a trip to Europe, from which he had just returned...


    That was lucky , on two counts, he got his camera back, and avoided the hooker.

    No, he praised them, and said, "they are the nicest hookers in the world".

    That's bad luck terry, not much chance of it turning up. Just be glad it was only a camera, and not something far worse that happened.. 

    Dont  you ever take time off for work???????

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