what do i do if my ipod says ipod is disabled connect to i tunes .

    i need to unlock my ipod but it says that its disabled and its telling me to connect to itunes what do i do 

    p.s. plz dont give an answer that wipes all memory from my i pod 


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    2 Answers

    Follow these simple steps:

    Plug/connect your device to a computer (PC or Mac)Turn it OFFPress and hold the POWER and HOME buttons together for EXACTLY 10secondsRelease the POWER button but keep holding the HOME button until the computer beeps indicating that a USB device is recognized.Open iTunes and restore your device.

    Warning: Restoring will delete all data on your device but this is the only way for you to recover it.

    If you don't get it at first, try holding the buttons for lesser time or see the other procedures and some screenshots on my tip (link below):

    my epad is not open

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