How about the woman who will give out a letter to even slightly obese children, while others get candy for Halloween.

    In the letter, she scolds the parents for allowing their fat child to go and get free candy, something they do not need because of their weight. 

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    With the extremely high obesity rates among children all over North America (and probably elsewhere), I appreciate that she is concerned. We should ALL be concerned. It is a major health risk to be overweight and even worse when it starts in childhood. However, she is trying to "help" in the wrong way. I think it would be more helpful, to hand out healthy snacks with several recipes attached. The parents might see the recipes and actually try them......a step in the right direction.


    Yes, I agree.
    You go in the grocery store and it's sooo full of cakes, cookies, and sweet treats of all kinds. If I was from another country, I'd be SHOCKED.
    I'm shocked anyway.
    It's kinda hard to find healthful sweet snacks. Animal crackers are safely wrapped and not too sweet.
    Not one kid could swallow a bracelet. (See my comment above)
    In areas where the incomes are low or non existent, adults and kids are fat ... real fat. It's sad. Sometimes I think the people don't even know. There are people working toward making this better
    Michelle Obama is working toward this goal. (I like that in her)

    Who cares what this 'do-gooder'? thinks about anything? Ever?  Obviously a control freak...get the toilet paper rolls out kids and let's do-over her house and yard for her yes? It will look good in eau de toilette papier!  (What an old Witch!)

    Those children may have been dieting for months and was being given a one night out as a reward……. She should mind her own business………...

     I'm sure there are other ways she can "encourage" children to avoid obesity.  Perhaps the helpful letters should be addressed to the children's parents and the children be given packets of apple slices. What a hag!
    She should turn off her porch light and go watch TV in her bedroom.   

    What a nasty woman. She is what you call a kill joy, one who spoils the enthusiasm or fun of others.

    The lady is a party-pooping witch. Tell the kids to avoid her and her door.  Yes, Bob, she should turn off her lights and go to the back back bedroom and write a list of all the things that bother her and send it off as a letter to the editor. (She could even write a column. Muhahahaha) 

    ps: Just look at all the response she'd get. It would sell papers.


    I'd like to see HER karma points. Looks like a clean sweep of thumbs down for her.

    I don't like her. None of us do. As I said I like us!
    I had a few trick or treaters and they were so cute and happy. I gave each a box of animal crackers. It's not a health food but they're sweet and good and come in a MARVELOUS box that shows artful animals. They liked it. I also gave them glow in the dark bracelets.


    You gave good stuff!

    I couldn't have done it if I had 100 kids like some people do. My kids were hand selected. After the animal crackers were gone, the gate was locked. I don't even think there were any more kids out there.

    A friend of mine went through four gigantic bags of premium holiday sized candies. $40 at least. Crazy

    Shame on her! I would hope no one goes to her house! I believe she is asking for trouble from irate parents!


    I wonder if she is friends with the trim and fit lady with 3 kids posing in her workout clothes asking us--"Whats your excuse?"

    LOL...bend and stretch...reach for the sky...and give us all the candy!!! LOL!

    LOL LOL ...lindilou ...
    Treats all around for AKAQA people and their guests who know a witch when we see one. I like us.

    LOL Wait'll witchway gets ahold of her with her!! LOL

    You always make me smile, lindilou. : ))) and laugh. : D

    Do you have a link for this? I'm interested in seeing what happens. Bet her house gets egged.  


    Hopefully with "Egg Beaters". They only contain egg whites!

    Thanks Python. Seems to me she could just give out healthy treats and not make kids feel bullied by a stranger. But I suppose in the spirit of the season, she's playing the witch roll well.

    Egging is really bad. Expensive. Clonge, you have a good idea if someone is so inclined to Egg the witch. Egg Beaters. Yes.

    Eggs are cheaper than egg beaters and they are more fun to throw.

    I would like to see the letters that she gets back in response to her letter! Ha


    She's not a very 'Good' Witch is she witchway?! LOL Those letters ought to be doozies! ;D

    No she's not lindilou. You think the karma points matter here? Wait until real karma kicks her, it won't be pretty.

    Bippity Boppity Boo! Oy yoy yoy! ;O


    In response to receiving the letter…and the fat kids hold out their hands, one with eggs the other with toilet paper…."Choose one” to the letter writer.


    : ) Good move, robert. Funny.

    I think that is fair...

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