Do you have a decorated pumpkin on your porch?

    I did. It was the ugliest pumpkin EVER. My little grandkids made these really cute ones and mine looks BAD. It has lime string green yarn for hair. It's painted black. The eyes are crooked. The teeth look vicious. I smashed it behind the garbage can. Nobody saw me.Or it.

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    country bumpkin

    I saw you murder the poor innocent pumpkin Itsmee. Tisk Tisk!

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    No pumpkin on the porch only a Scottish potato on the couch! (*~*)



    Long live couch potatoes !



    Ha Ha. Ha De Ha ha.

    cute :-) So, he's a couch potato ?

    I had one, my neighbor and I put it up only it got rained on and rotted a few days ago.  Had to pitch it…………..


    "Another one bit the dust ... and another one ..."

    Oh NO NO NO!  That would be considered "CLUTTER" in this elegant complex.  We don't want to offend the offensive neighbor. 
    There are some small Jack-o-lanterns on posts in my flower bed. They have solar lights in them and shine ghoulishly in the evening. I meant to get a BIG one from Michael's and carve from a pattern, but didn't get around to it. Didn't get the treat bags for the 4 kids decorated yet, and am writing the obituary, securing the church, and paying the funeral director today, along with helping select music and the menu for after the services.  My sister and I are doing a commendable job of working together on this!  I'm sure it's no easier for her than I.  


    It sounds like you are doing a good job. I wonder how people do it, but they seem to. Your mom is winging her way to a better place. (That's how I see it)
    She was 94? She did a lot of good in her life.


    What? Your Mom, Bob?

    Yes, my mom passed away on the 29th, 94 years 10 months 26 days. We have a wonderful service planned for 11/2. It sounds odd to say, but her last hour was a joy filled time of remembrance and laughter. She was clear eyed and alert in spite of her struggle, a very low dose of painkiller. She hung on long enough for my sons to arrive (an hour trip) and they spent an hour with her. They wanted to get some food, and told her they'd be back. She was gone less than five minutes after they left. So peacefully. I'm so grateful for that.

    My thoughts are with you and yours Phyllis.

    I'm sorry Bob...thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Thank you both. Your cyberhugs are the best!

    Bob ... What a glorious story of your mom's last hour. I have heard from other people that the end is beautiful and peaceful. I've also heard that the patient will wait for alone time to take leave. I'm crying.
    My mom died when the Blue Angels flying team left our town. They were noisy up in the sky when they did their breath taking tricks. As they departed ... so did my mom. I wasn't there I was at a nearby restaurant having lunch. Maybe she was waiting for me to leave. This thought just came to me.
    Your story is a little misplaced but that's what happens here. Hugs to you Sweet Lady.

    Didn't know your mom passed away.Sorry,Phyllis. It's going to be hard. You'll think of her everyday for the rest of your life .....b/c as the song says...." There's always something there to remind me "
    I did all that funeral arranging for my late husb and my mother and didn't have anybody with me. Did it all alone, b/c his daughter lives in another state.She was here, tho , for the last week of his life, Thank God.
    I didn't see her much b/c we went to the hosp in shifts and shared my car.He died after she went back to Ohio to be with her kids.My mom died in the E R when I went to the cafeteria, b/c they said she was perking up. When I got back up to her cubicle, she was dead.I had told her I was going down to get something to eat.

    Friends, thank you!
    Juliana, I can't imagine the strength it took to go through the funerals of your mom and husband with no one beside you. I have my sons and sister, and its touchy with my sister.

    Bob, I saw your mom's obituary in the paper. You did a good job of writing the obituary. I liked reading about your travels with your Mom and the story of her life. You included your sons in the story and that surely made them happy. As they get older it will mean even more to them.
    My husband made funeral arrangements for years. I worked in the office for awhile but just couldn't take it for very long.
    We lived above two funeral homes. They were nice places and one reminded me of the apartment in the TV show Six Feet Under.
    It feels like a small town here in akaQA.

    That's a beautiful story Bob.(About your Mom).
    May she rest in piece & it's nice that you have the comfort of knowing her last hour was a happy one with you.I guess that's as good as it gets.

    Can't add much to what already has been said, other than she raised a great daughter!

    Again, thank you (Tom and Clonge). It's the day after the "official" good-bye, and reading your kind words makes me smile...Mom was amazing. My poor sister said she wouldn't mind reading the eulogy, which I misinterpreted as WRITING it, too. The obituary was easy in comparison (thank you, itsmee); the eulogy was absolutely perfect, and Sister delivered it like a pro. Months ago my son had scanned over 200 photos of Mom from childhood on, and we ran a continuous slide show at the luncheon. The whole service was a joyous celebration of the two most wonderful people in my life (the other being Dad). Both of them would have enjoyed themselves!

    I Just open the door to the littechildren,show my head while rolling my eyes,


    Now THAT would be pretty scary! :)

    Next year you must learn to spin your head around.

    """"Yes. And a skull, bats, spiders, a jar of "used eyeballs", a cauldron, and the Lady in the Glass Ball!


    The pretty lady witch has great hair. Could that be you?
    You know, the little kid doesn't seem scared of the skull, bats and spiders etc. What is he? A Zebra? It seems like there are two sets of ears. Hmmmmm?
    Kids love Halloween -- most anyway. I know I do!

    Only afther midnight when thiers a full moon,

    Yes two, one a happy jack-o-lantern, and the other a hello-kitty face carved. 

    I did but the tricker treaters stole it!  And how about this for a first??  One of the mothers asked if they could come in and use my bathroom.  Poor little goblin had diarrhea.   LOL!!

    country bumpkin


    Awww, the goblin must have eaten to much Halloween candy.

    What a "trick" that is a new one... Yuck!

    Oh Vinny ... What a problem. Was Dad there?

    Dad?? Would that make a difference??? LOL! Nope, no daddy, only mommy with a sick kid. And what's worse is that after they left, they knocked on my next door neighbors door. I would think that if my kid was sick I would take him home. When I was a kid we didn't get sick until the next day after Halloween. Even at my age I can remember my mom saying 'don't eat anything until I check it out first!" Of course we never listened. My mom would make us empty the bags on the floor and she would carefully go through it all, not to mention steal a few for herself! :)

    I asked about Dad because I suddenly saw a leather jacket and whips and chains ... You know those signs that someone might come in and steel your family silver service or your wife's jewels or her ermine coat.
    He might go through your medicine cabinet and rip off your aspirin ... You know, it could have been a Halloween bad trick.
    She wasn't too bright to carry on with the candy getting after her poor kid threw up.
    However, I would have let them in too. It seems safer with a mom.

    I don't have to. This is close enough; a picture of my wife many years ago. Needless to say, we had no Trick or Treaters this year.



    She is a real cracker Clonge,

    Definitely not the edible kind!

    Not now, it is January!

    No, but my neighbors do. They're Korean! ""

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