What will you be for Halloween? What candy are you giving out?

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    I will be whatever my grand daughter wants me to be.  She is going to be 3 next week, and says she wants a pirate and a monster to hold her hands and walk around with her, either me, or her dad will be each.  We are giving out the usual mixture of candy, with emphasis on Snickers, my fav.  They get given out sparingly, and I get rid of those that I do not like first...  Adults in my neighborhood used to (20 yrs. ago) dress up and carry shot glasses.  We had many friends who filled them and we kept warm on those cold Oct. 31 nights! 


    That's hilarious! lol

    I have skittles, carmelapple taffy and fruit chews! However we have not had a trick or treater for years! Our adult neighbors do however, dress up and bring us a treat!   They even decorate there car with lights and thins! Quite entertaining! So we are forced toeat the treats ourselves! LOL:)


    Save some fruit chews for me. : )

    A  Mixture of toffes etc,like ones over hear called Sensation,I  think??

    No kids where I live. As far as dressing up....won't happen.  I just feel silly and that started when I was about 14. My girlfriends and I, became way too cool at that age, to dress up.    lol


    I dressed up till I was old. 40, if I was a day. I won a contest even. I wore a blond wig, boots, jeans and two pink balloons under my sweater. I was Dolly Parton. Won $25.00!

    Maybe I should try it again. lol

    $25 bucks ain't hay. The next year I was Little Miss Muffit. I lost.

    I would be a perfect Freddy Kruger.I've even got the hat. But there aren't many little kids in our neighbourhood.They all grew up & have moved away. So we will buy some treats for the grand kids.They go out in their neighbourhood & have a good time.As PL says.halloween is only a recent thing in Australia.We knew about it but never bothered with it. It is however becoming more popular every year.The shops are full of it.

     IF I dress up, it will be as as a "bowler"; I have some "official" bowling shirts and an old pair of bowling shoes, first bowling ball (an 8 pound purple plastic thing) and a bowling case screaming "early 1960's".  
    Since I like M & M candies, that's what I'll get, as, like some of the others, not too many come by here, so it's important to have something I like...just in case there's some left over!   


    The kids who come here come by car. No, no ... they don't drive. Their parents drive them. I'm giving some kind of chocolate mixed with peanut butter. I don't like peanut butter and won't be so tempted.

    Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in Australia . It's only in the last few years that Halloween has become popular here, the kids really love it. I’ve noticed that more and more decorations are coming out in the shops with this year being an explosion of paraphernalia. I'm happy to give the kids a treat if they come knocking. I would have loved celebrating Halloween when I was growing up it looks like a lot of fun.


    It has become larger than Christmas here in the US. I think it is fun for little kids, but the older teens are often rude and ruin the mood.

    It's only cought on in the UK over th past ten years or so, it's mainly the kids that go out calling. Some areas have a few problems with them which spoils it for some, but generally around our area people  take it all in good spirits and enjoy themselves.We always keep a few goodies for anyone who comes calling, small chocolate bars, smarties etc.


    Please pass me a Smartie. I've never had one.

    Little rolls of sugar in tablet form, in pastel colors. They are spelled "ees" here, I think.

    You've got mail.

    Bob and itsmee.
    I will add a picture of Smarties to my next answer below.

    little beak is open waiting for a smartees ,, It's 3:11 AM

    I can't get any pictures to load at the moment, I have a few pictures of smarties,I'll keep trying.

                     This is what you'll get if you knock on our door for Halloween


    I just love these! Where did you get them?
    country bumpkin


    Hi there witchway.
    Here is the link where I found these. There are some other toothbrushes that say get rid of zombie mouth. I think they're cuter, but it's hard to tell what they are.

    Happy (almost) Halloween to you.

    Thanks sweetheart.

    ""I am the neighborhood Witch, so I'll be dressing up of course. We all sit outside and we decorate a little over the top complete with the talking head in the ball and lights everywhere. We get about between 80 to 100 kids, sometimes we get more if the weather is mild. I get a mixture of small candies and when the last child comes a calling I give them all the candy that is left and then close-up shop. Later that evening I go to my backyard and look to the sky and talk to my Dad and commune with Nature. Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!


    Moderator do you know it's "the last child"? :)
    country bumpkin


    LOL, This thought crossed my mind also.

    WW I have not had one trick or treater in the past several years. You are so fortunate to have so many come to your home. What a load of fun this must be for you and for them.

    After 38 years of youngsters coming to the house you get to know when the last has arrived. First come the little ones and all the neighborhood children. Then come the older kids and the ones who are driven in from other towns. Last, come the teenagers and they will tell you if anyone else is on the road. Simple really.

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