When someone is cremated, do you get all their ashes back, or just a portion of them ?

    maybe some of you have been thru this with your parents or in-laws' death. Heck, even some young adults are cremated . I 've heard of a few. One young woman in my church had her departed  baby cremated. She carries around a Teddy Bear with her that has a jar inside, that holds her baby daughters ashes.

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    The answer is here....



    Thank you, this is good to know……...

    My uncle died unexpectedly while staying with my mom and dad. His wife had been cremated and her ashes were waiting for his. My uncle was cremated, and I requested a small amount of them as a remembrance. I received an attractive enough container about the size of a deck of cards.  I poured them into the earth around the roots of a tree my sons and I planted. The remainder of the ashes (quite a large amount) were spread with his wife's, but I've forgotten where. 
    Pets can be buried or cremated separately. My son asked for our dog's ashes, which I gave him as a Christmas gift (the only thing he wanted). The cost of cremating Darrell separately from the other euthanized/deceased animals at the vet's that time was about $125. My friend has her dog's ashes in a beautiful urn in her living room. 


    There are companies which manufacture a variety of remembrance plaques or statues of pets with the ashes as a component of the cement. I know of one which takes your deceased horses' shoe and mounts it on a plaque with his name on it.

    That is really nice. Sometimes our Pets are more lived and better family than our family! Didn't Roy Rogers have his horse stuffed?

    Yes I think that Trigger was stuffed, offered for sale at an auction a few years back, I think.

    That is disturbing to me. No one will cherish Trigger as Roy did.

    Ted is still alive and well,

    What you get is a small sifted sampling. Of course, how will you ever know for certain?


    An acquaintance got her husband's ashes back in a large shoe-box and she got really drunk and was carrying the box around and she tripped outside and fell and later we saw her sweeping him up off the front walk and back into the box. She knew someone that worked for the city's parks dept. and had him planted beneath one of the large trees at a local park...which I'm quite certain is totally illegal!! lol

    and thus the true meaning of "dust to dust".

    LOL!!! Started my day with a laugh.

    Lindi, That sounds like something off of Two and a Half Men. Ha hahahahah

    When my dad got cremated, “they” took out his fake knee and bridge work first. The ashes were placed in a niche beside my mom’s. We each got a portion of my mom’s ashes and we are waiting for my dad’s. Thanks for the article, duck. I’ve always wanted to know……..

    When a person is cremated, how do we know for sure. that we get back the right ashes ??


    I wondered that too. Maybe , sometime they'll sell DNA kits in the drug store like they sell pregnancy tests.

    I have often wondered whether gold crowns and bridges are returned to the family. I have my suspicions!


    Are these typically removed by dentists or by embalmers?

    Certainly not by dentists, possibly by embalmers but if the body was being cremated obviously it would not be embalmed.

    My dentist stole my gold crowns when he took the old one off and put a new one on . I bet he made a pretty penny on them over the years.

    Nom, some people get their loved one embalmed for the viewing, and maybe the funeral ,too.
    And then cremated afterward. In fact, I think my cousin did that for her husb. He wanted to be cremated, but she had him laid out b/c they were waiting for his Colorado kids to come in for the funeral ( to Michigan ) Meanwhile, he was being viewed by local people in the funeral home. After the funeral, she had him cremated. She said he was prob mad as h**l at her for doing that . ha ha. A little macabre humor there.

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