What Do You Think Of The New akaQA Format? Is It Better, Worse?

    I'm finding it all to be rather confusing.

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    Ms Sinclair

    Could someone please give ME a thumbs up for either this question or my comment? It's been a while since I've received any karma points.
    Ms Sinclair

    Thanks. Sorry for begging (-:

    Good Question, TU!!!

    Good question T.U.

    Hey Pam, what you think of the car?

    19 Answers

    I'm getting used to it also, but have yet to find anything better than the old.
    Ms Sinclair

    I hear ya.
    i still like the old formatt better , i wish they would post the username with the question, also i liked the revolving questions,meaning once some gives ananswer the question comes back up top,.it was all black and white wile this is a bit grey but its getting a bit clearer
    Old is better
    I want to sum it all up in three words....I hate it. I used to really enjoy this but now I get no enjoyment out of it.
    I still prefer the old. Everything was clear. Was easy to see who voted you up or down etc
    I'm starting to get used to it but still prefer the "old" format better!
    yes i agree with you friendindeed, its to fussy and fancy for me i much preffered the old style everthing you needed was all there on one page,wont be using it again.
    preferred the old format. where are all the religious crazies?

    Dont worry we are still here.
    At first I was not impressed but I now feel it is easier to use. You can whiz through much more quickly. I would like to see questions, both answered and unanswered deleted after a reasonable period of time,so reducing the load to go through. would also suggest a "next page" on the bottom of each page.
    I'm getting use to it
    I don't like this new format at all so far. Often when I try to view answers to my questions I get some kind of tech gobbledegook Onscreen. I don't like the fact that I can't seem to access all of my old responses on my profile page as I could before. Also, I like to be able to view all of the questions as they come up on the same page like before. Whose brilliant idea was it to change the format anyway without asking us first? If this keeps up I may not be coming to this site much anymore.

    Well said.
    still here still sovereign
    i fell like its now a technecial support center, which is fine sorta, but i do miss the philisophical questions, are we all now working for "ibm" ?
    Like JDB said, I'm getting used to it, but it's still about half as good as the old site or format.
    I was looking for this question, before I posted my thread on the gold bar question. I miss the gold bar, it used to let you know when things that relate to you or your question were happening.

    The pages are shorter which doesn't allow you to watch as much as you could previously view.

    The unanswered questions are in a different category, which is o.k., but you could just look them up before, I liked to see a question as it posted on the main forum.

    I don't mean to be a,"Nay sayer," but if you are going to improve something, make it better in every way, not just some. Especially, don't take away things that make it successful.
    The change was too sudden and confusing especially trying to find specific questions. I'm getting used to it now.
    Worse. I find it unclear, and the same questions come up in the answered, and un-answered sections
    i lik the old one

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