Killing Medicare

    After all, the same Republican Party which tried to kill Medicare in the 1960's and gut it in the 1990's is now trying to privatize the program to death.

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    <a href="/users/2871/dwayne1716/">@dwayne1716</a> - what does viagra have to do with medicare?


    No kidding, didn't know!!!


    That's true!!!


    <a href="/users/1635/leeroy/">@leeroy</a> - replace it with what!!!


    remember life liberty and the persuit of happiness. our leaders have run amuck and the payment has come due. where i live the gov takes old people to the wal mart weekly. that kinda stuff is not their job, but they do it to imprison much do you think the gov will spend on viagra this year.


    they pay for some old folks to get it


    i think the gov. likes it that of my best friends is a lib dem. and can see no evil in his party i can see plenty in both


    I saw what they want to replace it with, that would be for the government to pay for the insurance. Sounds much simpler than 2,000 pages of Obama care.


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    The problem is we are trying to get God out of America instead of giving him control.

    This is the real problem, what the country go down the toilet... Just keep taking God out of everything. Thumbs up!
    god help us all this country is in serios least in the long run gods econemy wont ever fail!

    Republicans are not trying to kill medicare..


    <a href="/users/4065/vinny/">@Vinny</a> - Ryan, who wants to cut the top tax rate from 35 to 25 percent, would turn Medicare into a voucher program in which old people would negotiate with private insurance companies for coverage. There's a reason Medicare is a government program. Old people tend to get sick and that makes them a high risk for private insurance companies.

    Do the research and form your own opinion!!!

    The funny thing is we use to get along without all the government programs but ounce we are hooked we can't afford them, kinda like a drug.

    Some government programs we can't do without :-)
    ole hipster

    Funny thing is...I've had better drugs in my youth! How are you doing RP...good to "see you". Have to go cash my SSDI check & buy shopping is no longer pleasant, what with the prices constantly going up & up & up! See ya' later
    ole hipster

    Hello to you IamPamela! (: and to whomever else is on site! Be back soon...don't go anywhere
    Headless Man

    Gas goes up food goes up everything goes up, but then seem to stay there even if gas comes back down, why is that?

    May God help, and heal planet earth!

    Republicians have got this country so far in war debt your grandchildren childrens will still be paying it off, just how in the world can a working person support such a bunch of greedy, self interest , people why in the world would they do something so dumb

    I personally am on social security disability, Medicare and Medicaid. I don't know YET about what the government (and yes I mean both dems and reps) is going to do to social security but I do see it as a sad state of affairs for this country. I'm sure Medicaid is going to get some cuts. Hopefully not for long time US CITIZENS! I do know that it takes LONGER now to even GET social security disability for deserving people. It took damn long enough from the time I had to apply until the time I actually got it. Crazy, huh? If you don't have a lawyer you pretty much don't stand a snowball's chance in Hell to receive it and then the lawyer takes like a third of your money away for actually doing very little. Oh how I could go on...but, enough said...don't want to bore anyone. Only time will tell what is going to happen.


    You are right Hipster. I am working with a friend trying to get RSDI, or SS disability. He got turned down twice, because he can still stand and walk 100 feet, although in total pain when he does. He finally got an attorney, because, the SSA turns down 95 percent of the first tries, and 80 percent of the reconsiderations. Most are settled in front of a judge, which is why the attorney is needed. Cases are backlogged a year, simply because the SSA can not do the job. I have a Vet friend who has tried for 5 years to get VA disability. And people still think the Gov should run social programs?


    <a href="/users/2305/ole-hipster/">@ole hipster</a> - Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), chairman of the House Budget Committee, disclosed the GOP scheme to massacre Medicare and Medicaid. Instead of the government directly paying for medical services for the elderly and impoverished, Republicans would shift costs to states and the elderly.

    Look into it to form your opinion!!!

    Headless Man

    You know, I had to apply 3 times and they set a date to meet before a judge but then I got a call and said the check would be in my account 2-3 days, it was.
    I did get some of my doctors to compose a letter for me and sent them with my last application.

    Republicans would like to see austerity for all middle and lower class citizens. They won't be happy until there is a revolution under their own watch.


    <a href="/users/2871/dwayne1716/">@dwayne1716</a> - In economics, austerity is a policy of deficit-cutting, lower spending, and a reduction in the amount of benefits and public services provided. Austerity policies are often used by governments to reduce their deficit spending...


    <a href="/users/2871/dwayne1716/">@dwayne1716</a> - My bagg!!!


    Negative, yes very. That would have an extremely negative impact on our country. What our country needs is some leaders that are honest and have common sense. You can't reduce the middle class to dust and expect to have a working society. But our leaders can't agree on anything and common sense has become uncommon. The wealthy are increasing their riches, the deficit is out of control, consumerism as overtaken capitalism. There are solutions, but neither the Reps nor the Dems seem to be offering them.


    are you using the word austerity in a neg. manor im confused splain lucy


    i know the def i was questioning his use of the word i have never seen it as a neg .


    no prob sometimes you get so used to a certain type of response from some people you start fighting back before you let what they have said soak in


    i se your point. and im middle class the upper class of working people can take so much before they give up, and say wtf .the answer has to be cut spending hard fast and deep

    House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan said Sunday he will unveil a Republican budget for 2012 this week that proposes dramatic changes to Medicare, Medicaid and other political lightning rods.

    The plan, to be released Tuesday, calls for a controversial overhaul of Medicare, the health care program for seniors, and would impose deep cuts in Medicaid, which provides health benefits to low-income Americans.

    I don't know if people can look past their party association, but this is an American problem. Both of the parties are making bad decisions and aren't working together.

    Look past what the normal news channel your watching is telling you. Don't let someone else tell you what to think. Do some research on your own, if you think like most everyone else does, you'll never find the real truth. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle of what both parties are saying....

    My point is I see people blaming one party here, and this is just not a logical conclusion... No offense meant.

    I agree, no offense taken!
    Here's a bigger problem: defense and Medicare/Social Security make up about 65% of our budget. How can you make spending cuts on only 35% of the remaining budget?

    Realistically we may have to cut everything, to save the country??? How can we do it without touching the main expenses?

    I don't know!

    That's what we pay congress to do, figure out these things, but they keep playing politics, trying to make the other party look bad, instead of working together. Or maybe they're just waiting for the next election?

    Whatever the case neither political party is looking very good right now.

    It's not about who's right or who's wrong. It's time we come together as a nation, to help and come up with solutions to all the problems we face!

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