Do violent shows and games cause violence (especially with kids and teens)


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    Since the brain is not fully developed until age 25, I can't see how a steady diet being fed to the brain, would NOT affect a child. At the very least, humans become de-sensitized to violence and I would imagine that it certainly WILL affect some children. Why not err on the side of positive and eliminate the amount being served up to young minds. It's not as though we would be getting rid of something that is good!


    Agreed, and if we ask the same question about porn, recent child murderers in the UK had downloaded large amounts to feed their fantasies.

    Again, de-sensitized. :(

    I don't think it does always, maybe sometimes, it depends on the child. When I was young we watched westerns at the cinema and on TV when we eventually had one, it didn't make us anymore violent. I think a child is more likley to be violent if they are bought up in a violent household.I think  their parents and teachers should teach children the difference about violents.

    Personally I don't think so, this is a very good article...

    When I was a child, the more violent the game, the more we played it:  cowboys and Indians, machine gunner,  death to name a few.  I’m not out killing and don’t know any of my friends that did so. Violence is a trait not necessarily learned…….

    I don't think video games, violent movies or music make people violent, your either a violent person to begin with or your not.

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