Who has been affected by the government shutdown?

    The mail is still running and I  have no outside plans so, I’m OK……….

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    Just a reminder that this is a partial government shut down, not a full government shut downn. NBC news put this out to help answer the question of what gets affected during a partial shut down.

    Good info, thanks……….jhh

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    Any non essential government employees are affected. Food Stamps and cash allowance is not affected. SSI payments are not affected. The US postal system is not effected. The military, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and other such departments are not affected.  The IRS is partially affected, all audits are suspended. The president and congress are not affected, they will still get paid. 


    I have an idea what the president and congress are actually worth...

    My mother watched 5 full hours of news about the impending government shutdown.  I am affected by it because it drove me crazier to listen to the same stuff over and over and over (ad infintum) all that time. NO, I couldn't leave; I was her caregiver for the evening. 

    PLEASE call your senator's and representative's offices and TELL someone what YOU want for this country. These cretins are supposed to be "public servants" and all I see is the public serving THEM.  You'll find Washington and local area office numbers in the Government section of your phone book, right in the front (if you even have a phone book anymore).

    president Barrack Obama


    He's not affected, he still gets paid and continues on as president. When we finally fire him, then he will be affected.

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