we've all done some wrong in life... is it wise to punish yourself for the wrongs you've done before life does?

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    Oh, I’m great at the punish myself situation but, I’ve learned to forgive all the way around and do less bad……..

    I know God forgives me for my wrong doings. So, I forgive myself. Who am I to argue with God ?

    Just try to be a better person, and do some good for someone...

    Ask for forgiveness, from God, from yourself and from who you offended if possible. Then MOVE ON!!!  And then do better. But for sure, please move on.





    Everyone makes mistakes.wrong judgements long as lessons are learned  then why punish yourself...slap your wrist and move on!..(Life`s far too short)!!

    Don't punish yourself, everyone makes mistakes and does the wrong thing at times. As long as you haven't done a murder or something as serious as that, if you have done something wrong to someone else, ask them to forgive you, then  forgive yourself, and start afresh.

    Punish yourself how?   It seems to me a better way to deal with yourself would be in confession of your transgression, follow whatever religious format you may practice, seek out the person/people/entity you have harmed and ask to be forgiven.  Be willing to make restitution.   
    I don't like the idea of punishing one's self.  It doesn't sound like a good idea.  People would likely be bartering with themselves; nothing positive results. 

    However it dosen't make sense to punish yourself but sometimes punishing really works  and caused you don't do it again

    learn from your mistakes,dont repeat them


    Knocking yourself around for something you done will not make any difference to you or the person you hurt..if you can,,make amends,,then move on and do not do it again...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Just dont repeat the same mistake because I dnt think so we can punish ourselves. So learn from your mistakes.

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