when will Jesus come back?we've been waiting for so loooong,don't you think it's better we go to him instead?

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    Jesus isn't a dental appointment. You CAN go to Him any time you want. It's called "prayer".


    In my opinion, this is the BEST answer!

    Thank you, witchway! Your comment is very kind and appreciated.

    I think it's a great answer for her.


    My grandmother waited longer as did her mother and her mother’s mother.. Only God knows the day or time……….


    does that make our bible a storyteller?

    even the angles in heaven don't know when Jesus is coming says in the bible.

    And when Jesus appears...he/she`s in for a hard time!:-(...How many people will believe it`s really Jesus..and not ano nut job??...SORRY no offense but think about it`s really true..Derren Brown and o illusionists can pull off "Miracles"!!!...Jesus is going to do a lot more than them!:-0

    I think I'll hang around and wait. I won't feel like I've been stood up, either.

    There is no set date for his return. 

    Everyone dies eventually and those who believe in Jesus as their savior will greet him then. 

    Why rush it by charging off now to find him while you still have life to live? 


    It would be like tossing away his gift to you.
    Whatever your religious beliefs, I think we all have lessons to learn,

    it also depends on what sort of life you want to lead, selfless or selfish.

    Or one of free will which God gave so that people could know they do not have to spend their lives on their knees.

    Perhaps he has never left??

    I doubt  Jesus actually left. He has been here longer than I have. If not in your face then not so far away. I know some folk who say He is coming back. The idea that he left is what should be called into question. 


    Hey man...ain't this the truth...I knew years ago that he still walks among us..he's an avatar, a messenger, does what he wants, goes where the need is greatest...only the bravest, most courageous come here to begin with, so very.. trippy. xo

    If you have looked into a little child's face, you have seen the face of God.

    We do go to him, everyday when somebody leaves the planet.

    there are billions of planets out there in other solar systems. Jesus is busy visiting all of them . He'll come back again when our number comes up.Meanwhile , he sends angels down here to help us...and a comforter,......the Holy Spirit always with you.

    digger if He visits every planet for a mere minute apiece and travels from one planet to another in zero seconds, He'll have visited only one billion planets every 1902 years. How many billion planets are there? I'll have to multiply your answer by 1902 years. Are you SURE about this? I'm a numbers guy and for some reason, your statement simply...doesn't add up.

    digger...You're pretty comical for a numbers guy. I thought that numbers were a very serious matter...especially when YOU find, that they don't add up! :))

    MCM must be verifying the accuracy of her statement because she hasn't replied just yet.

    Not everyone keeps their calculator warmed up!

    Digger, He doesn't operate like your conceptions of time travel. The bible says His thoughts are not our thoughts. That His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. And the bible say the Lord works in mysterious ways.So, don't even try to apply your earthly logic to the supernatural ways of the Lord.

    Imagine THAT. Using logic and common sense. How silly of me. Thanks for clearing it up for me, MCM. Praise the Lord!

    if you believe in him kaybeeee, you should go to him every day..if you dont believe in him.dont be in a hurry to see him....

    My grandma told me about her whole town waiting on a high hill for Jesus to return. I believe during her growing up years the townsfolk went up there four times. They took a picnic lunch and the men took their fiddles. 

    Her parents sold their Nebraska hotel and came to California. I don't know why and I never will.


    ... so they loaded up the truck and they moved to Bev-er-lee.

    I take it,them poor townfolks never heard a peep from dear Jay-zus, ain't that a fact itsmee?

    Who dat (Jay-zus) digger? ...must be a new rap star...LOL...and yes, I live on a rock surrounded by
    itsmee...they had a great excuse to hold a picnic jamboree! deedle deedle deedle deedle dee dee dee!

    I’ve heard of crowds of folk lining up to shake the hand of Jesus when he comes to town only to find what they were looking for in each others smiling eyes, hands and open hearts. Religion is about sharing heart to heart. Religion, to me, is about sharing love, truth, trust and honesty factually and courageously in all my personal ways and love of life.

    I never heard a religious peep from my glorious grandma. How I loved her and her house and her garden and her lilac tree and her stories and her songs, and the new mown grass that Grandpa cut with one of those old-time lawn mowers.

    tis a fact, digger. They had to look for new entertainment.

    Don't worry about Jesus business. When he comes, he comes. In the mean time follow his example and live a good life benefitting yourself, family and others. Don't rush to see Jesus. Be a good soul so when you do see him you can be happy and proud of your actions that you demonstrated while you were in this ordinary world of earth.

    Wrong religion so wrong hopes.


    "Wrong"?? Just because your faith, or lack of, isn't the same as mine, I'm not going to call yours "wrong". It's really not my place to judge others' beliefs

    T U, bob.

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