what can we do to get people to live as one and stop fighting for something we can share?

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    Parents haven't even figured out how to do that with two little kids, so they take away what can't be shared.  
    The best I can do is treat others the way I want to be treated. If everyone did that, sincerely, life would get better.  Not perfect, but much, much better.  

    You could do worse than reading the philosophies of Karl Marx!

    Be mindful of the present. Treat everyone as close kin. Respect differences in attitudes and interests. Cherish others. Harbor no resentments. Help as you can.  Resolve conflicts by recognising the needs of others as part of the overall solution. See conflicting views as expressions of a fear of mistreatment and loss. Teach faith and confidence in the whole group. Alienate no one.  

    Find a common religion, write the rule book in every language and have ministers that see to it nobody wanders……...

    that was the whole crux of Jesus'  teaching . Read the bible and you'll find out.

    What is you want to share with me kaybeeeee?

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