Life is too beutiful to be ugly!!!!! am i right?

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    Life can be ugly, it all balances out in the end…….


    if you love someone you love everything about them,and that's how i feel about life.i don't care if we cry and die cause we also smile and live.i don't have time to question life,i trust it knows where it's taking and even if it's taking me to hell, it wouldn't change my love for it...

    Some people are just ugly, no matter how well life treats them. They are the ones who can't smile at a stranger or say something nice about anyone. They're convinced the world is either out to get them or isn't good enough for them. They've had much success and happiness, but can only focus on what they don't have.

    But, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    Not in my


    <removed by mod. Comment is not allowed, not even as a joke>

    Hi Randy. Haven't seen you in awhile.Where've you been ?

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