how do i install english subtitles on avi movies?

    i would like to add english subtitles to "The Battle of Kursk"(2011) in AVI format. The version that I have is in Russian, with Swedish subtitles, about the most horrendous battle in history, in 1943 against the NAZIs. Over 2 million men and about 5,000 tanks were hurled against each other. I'd love to know what they are saying, to fully comprehend what exactly is going on!

    Brains, BRAINS! I must harvest what is out there in some BRAINS!

    Or simply a little advice, would be so nice!

    Please HELP!!!!!

    The movie opens with a fascinating view from a MOSQUITO just born, that travels to the waiting Russian's trenches. Very clever!


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    Unless it cam with English subtitles, you can not just add them on your own. 

    Enzo Ferrari

    Thanks Colleen! Perhaps it was just "wishful webbing" but I thought that I came across a website that was a resource to provide subtitles (maybe it was just a mirage). This is in no way meant to be any kind of slap at THE ONLY PERSON WHO BOTHERED TO ANSWER MY REQUEST!
    I am deeply thankful for your reply.
    Sincerely, Enzo Ferrari (wait a minute I'm actually dead). My buddy Geoff also thanks you.

    I can only think of one program that I saw in the past that "might" be able to read the sound and create text but it is very expensive. If I remember right, it was $300.00 or $500.00

    Thanks Colleen! However if this is the case, it might be more economical to hire my Russian buddy Alex to come over and just translate it for me!

    Thanks, Geoff......errrr Enzo!

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