why will the earth get hotter

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    Have you been listening to Al Bore, err I mean Al Gore? Stop it! He is just trying to get richer off the easily led sheeple. The man uses more energy at his home than an entire town. He's certainly not that worried about global warming if he's wasting energy to that degree. 

    In my opinion, global warming is a farce. The earth is shifting on it's axis like it does every so many millennium. This will cause global climate change but it will NOT cause the earth to get hotter. Can I prove this? No but Al can not prove his theories either and he knows it which is why he continues to waste energy and increase his carbon footprint. 


    I am. I am very confident about this.

    It is because of the Core of the earth. 

    ....carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are creating more heat ?


    Nope, that is what they say is causing Global warming.
    Climate change is the reason, it happens, all down to Mother Nature, sit back and enjoy!

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