I have exceed number attempt to rejister my fring account my mobile number+966501587363


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    Word of caution. It is not advised to put your mobile number on a world wide site. Personal details removed by moderator.

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    If you have exceded allowed  attempts to register your acount.
    Then go to.
    By system browsr only.
    You wil see to type your question.
    then type there any wrong word
    You will see no maches
    and now see at down of the page u'il look following line
    Ask your question by e-mail. now clik on mail icon
    after few second a form will open, fill form carefully and
    Type in massage following statement
    (Sir I have exceeded allowed number attempts to register my fring account
    My mobile number is ***.)
    And press submit
    In 8 days u'il reciv a mel by fring to inform u that u can rgistr now. Aftr reciv mel.
    u'ill go to yor mobil setting> aplication>manag application>fring. Then click on fring and clear data. press on stop. Now open fring and enter your number carefully and select continue. Now you will registered.

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