If you are against attaching Syria, tell your congressperson. USA has killed enough in Iraq not long ago. DO we need more killed?

    Please read ATTACKING not ATTACHING. Thx

    Also comment on what U.S. strategic interest does it have. I don't see any.

    If U.S attacks, the world will not JUST WATCH the spectacle. Nations will rise up against U.S. We need PEACE not more ENEMIES.

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    We the people of the USA are doing all we can to stop this. It appears that the senate is 6-1 against a strike on Syria. So we the people along with our congress are against the idea and Obama is feeling the push for him to back off but I doubt it will be enough. Obama does what he wants to. He just writes himself an executive order. We the people have been calling for his impeachment but no one is listening to that. Have your country give Obama a call and tell him that you all are against it too. 

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