how do I tell mom she can't drive anymore

    Mom is 88 and uses a walker to get around after breaking her hip last November.

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    Having gone through the experience of my mom not driving anymore, I think we told her that it wasn't safe for her to drive because everyone else on the road was an idiot. With the slower mobility and the impatience and aggressiveness on our streets nowadays, we felt better providing transportation for her. We sorta backed into it, putting the decision based on others' lack of ability rather than focus on her.

    Thing is, you don't ever leave her stranded. Someone needs to be ready at the wheel. Mom still has her car, at 94, and is chaffeured by us in her vehicle.

    Like pl said, the DMV will assist in exchanging her license for an identification card. 


    good suggestion Bob, I hope they do not do this to me in the future. I am going to make a copy of my car keys for when that day comes and they take them away, only thing is, will I remember where I put them??

    Great strategy! Excellent...can't wait to need a driver.

    My dad had no sense of feeling for others and just took my grandma’s keys away after she ran through the fence at church.  She didn’t argue and I got the car!


    She had to answer to a higher power than your dad, for damaging the fence I guess...

    Most states have a procedure where you can report an impaired driver anonymously. The DMV will call your mother in for cognitive and driving tests. If she cannot pass, her license will be terminated.


    Kinda harsh, but I guess it will work, I like Bob's better though, if it were me.

    Just tell her the cat will do all the driving.

    Difficult as it may be get DOT to stop her from driving for her sake and others or somehow disable the car.


    Just removing the battery cable will do it...

    Sit down with her and have an honest conversation. That would be the best place to start.

    You lead her around to seeing that she would be better off not driving anymore. Make her think it's her idea. If that doesn't work, take her keys away from her.

     Been there and done that with my mom. No, I did not have to take her keys away from her.

    my brother in law was 76 when he almost had a head on with a truck...his daughters and wife,,did not want to upset him.....we told them ,,if they wait till he kills someone or himself..then who will be is a hard thing to do when it is a family member...but much harder  to attend his funeral

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