why are you denying all my passwords that I am trying to use.I am getting sick of signing up with Yahoo

    I alredy asked three times.You are getting senile

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    This is the first time that you have asked your question HERE. This is a world wide, question and answer forum called akaQA. We have nothing to do with Yahoo and cannot help you here. Sorry.

    (BTW, flinging insults is probably not a help in seeking assistance!)


    I wonder how arthur is doing now. Ducky, do you suppose he's getting senile? : )

    Who are you asking this to? This is akaQA, a worldwide general question and answer forum. Apparently your password was accepted here as you were able to post this question. 

    Yahoo did that to me today too. I had to get on it to see my friend's pics of classic cars. Couldn't get on , b/c it kept rejecting my passwords, and they want to know your mobile ph. # . So, I put in an old defunct one.And they want to know your birthdate. When you enter what country you're from USA, it goes back to Afghanistan everytime you scroll down to USA


    I hate that scroll down. It's really weird that when you enter USA that it bounces up to Afghanistan. I think one of the techs was playing a game the day you signed up. It's not unusual to be asked all those questions. However, I don't remember being asked my mobile phone.

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