This week, my youngest (23) son and I took a class in motorcycle safety. We had a 5 hour lecture/discussion class, followed by a test (I scored 49/50).  Saturday and Sunday, we met at a large parking lot for the practical training (actually riding the bikes and learning different maneuvers).  The driving test consisted of what would be included in a DMV test, and I passed! Not the top score in our group of 12, but right in the middle. 
    NOW, I can take the written test at the DMV, and get a Class M (motorcycle) license.

    My question is:  What kind of motorcycle would be the most practical for me. (I'm 61, and about 5'5"; my weight is none of your business). Fresno is a dry climate, and we have some nasty highways within the city and busy surface streets. I do want to ride in the countryside and into the foothills, possibly go off road, too.
    Please post a photo if you can.  Thanks. 
    Oh, one more thing....I'll be happy to accept monetary donations for my bike fund.  

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    Bob, I really like these 3 wheeler's though  I know most people think they are ugly and don't see the point in riding something with 3 wheels.

    When I was in my late 20's my son' father bought me a Kawasaki 250 because it was small (I'm 5 ft 4) and I was novice, just learning how to ride. This is a picture like the one I had, but I don't think it would be appropriate for you living in California and it's a little ordinary.

    My ex husband was and still is an avid motorcycle rider.   He participated in 3 US Iron Butt Rally's where each rider had to cross the United States in a certain amount of time and we also took several trips on his motorcycle.  One trip we took was from Texas to Colorado and we also rode up Pikes Peak on his motorcycle.  I actually was brave enough to get behind the wheel of it once and though it was a little heavy for me, I loved being behind the wheel.  His bike was a Yamaha Virago.


    CB, I want a 3 wheeler, b/c you're less likely to flip over or fall off, if you get in an accident. I'm also thinking of getting a large 30-wheeled bicycle. I see they're back . My aunt had two of them when she was in her later 60s. Adn the time frame was also around '66.

    These are all really good ideas, CB; it must have been a wonderful experience to take those longer trips, though I'm pretty sure I won't be in any Iron Butt Rallies. LOL
    That Kawasaki 250 is EXACTLY what I trained on this past weekend. It wasn't too hard to handle, though for the figure 8 u-turn "test", I drove right on out of the "box" and made a big wide "8". I lost some point for that, but did NOT have to put my foot on the pavement during the maneuver. :D

    Can i ride pillion??
    country bumpkin

    LOL, we'll let you ride on the side cart.

    I M AN OLD BIKE ENTHUSIAST FROM WAY BACK.a NICE LITTLE LADIES BIKE IS THE NEW hONDA cbv250.It's light & gutsy & you don't have to be built like a brick outhouse to ride it.Sorry about the caps lock.It won't happen again.(maybe)


    Thanks, Tommyh. I will definitely be looking into that one. It sounds about right! I need to be able to lift it off myself (or the ground, whichever gets in the way first), but don't want other vehicles to literally blow me off the road! :D

    Get around better on a Lambreta,


    Congrats Bob/PKB.  Cheque's in the mail for your bike!


    Very much appreciated. Make sure there are at least four "0", including the ones behind the decimal point. Thanks again!!! :D

    I road a Honda Ascot V twin. 500. Just the right size and a good fit. Allowed little lean forward, it had a rifle faring, I was so cool. All black,   This isn’t it but close. CONGRATS!!!!



    Is this a "crotch rocket", where you are leaning over while you ride? My neck and back are messed up, so I'm hoping to find one where I am upright and my arms are level instead of raised up (like many HDs)

    Congrats Bob, take it slow, watch out for others, also for the sand.  We have lots of sand left in the spring from winter ice control, and it is treacherous for bikers, like ball bearings! 


    My son and I both thought that 15-20 mph was just about right. Neither of us have far to go, and just a gentle breeze is enough. We learned a LOT about making ourselves visible to other motorists. That's going to be a priority. One classmate told me to stay out of the middle of the lane because that's where the four wheel vehicles leave an oil slick. Made sense! I'll be staying away from the other traffic at every opportunity...for their sakes as well as my own.

    sound like a good safety plan, regards and happy biking!

    we use salt on icey roads. But in Wis, they use sand. Sand is easier on the paint job and on the body of the car.

    Thanks for your help and good wishes bustieone!

    Be a Harley girl !


    I have an '83 Moped. Whoopee !!    ' ' Born to be Wiiilllllddddd "

    wow! great achievement.....'fine girl ye are'  happy and safe biking! very exciting  (I was a biker's mole..once upon a time....ha!) thrilling but I was terrified really, anything over 20miles felt like 50.+.but my biker was so hunky........just held on tight and enjoyed the ride.!!.......take care out there x

    Congratulations Bob! You are an adventurer, for sure. No experience so I can't advise about motorcycles. Have fun and stay safe!     :)

    And don't forget your helmet!



    THAT is the helmet for me!!!

    Cool isn't it? :)

    Oh, yeah. Shouldn't be any problem seeing someone wearing THAT!!! You could dangle from the ceiling on New Year's Eve!

    Or it could be the trophy on Dancing with the Stars?

    Only if I get to go home with Derrick

    He's a sweetheart! :)

    Well done Bob, get something really smart and cool, it will be you. Enjoy yourself, and be careful. 

    A nice 350 cc Bultlet would be a nice starter bike ,

    Congrats, Ms Bob - there is only one bike suited for a Californian Girl - Enjoy! :)""

    country bumpkin

    I like this.

    Way cool! ;)

    My arms couldn't handle the grip angle, darnit.

    Now you can get your leg over,

    Congrats Bob If your neck and back are bad, what ever you get make sure you get the ape hangers.... You can ride and stretch at the same time..


    My goal is to sit up straight and have my arms at a comfortable angle!

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