Today was my first day of retirement! Not one person in my family called for congrats! I put on facebook Thanks everyone for celebrating my retirement! Can you believe not one person understtod my JAB at them!??

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    Welcome to the club. You can get even with them.Call in to see them at work & tell them you are going for a nice drive along the beach or something & you're sorry they can't join you.


    Sounds good to me!

    Now get on with the rest of your life, have a great time darlin!



    There is noting I like better than dancing teddy bears! Well maybe Chicago Bears! Ha!

    That's cute .

    Wish i was old enough to retire Ted,

    Aye right, me too Dougal.

    A person can retire at ANY age! The problem is having enough money to do so! LOL:)

                   Retirement is the working person's wish come true. 

                       Here's to getting your wishes granted finally!


    Thanks CB and that looks super tasty!

    Retirement is great! Good for a special person……...


    Thank you my sweet Texas doll baby!

    Congratulations clu... Enjoy... And enjoy some more.


    Thanks CR I hope I can be a KOOL retiree!



    Enjoy your freedom! :)


    Thanks sweetie! I hope I don't turn into a pest for you! LOL:)

    I hope we get to see more of you now but I will understand if you find new excitements in life that may keep you busy :) It will take some time for you to adjust into the whole not having to get up and go to work deal.


    When you get tired of strolling down here everyday,

    just look around your community for something to do.

    If you stay involved in life, you'll LOVE retirement!

    Congratulations clu. Enjoy!


    Thanks ducky! After the garden season is done I do plan some volunteer work at good things! It will be fun!

    Oh Happy Day clu ! Happy Day! Congratulations Sweetheart...enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!  Hip Hip Hoorah!



    Thanks lindilou! I'm gonna put on that tiara and go party!

    ""Good for you clu.


    Thanks! It will be fine until winter, then I might get wacky!
    Congratulation Clu enjoy your retirement xxxx

    Thanks mel and It is good to see you out and about around here! Hang out for awhile ok? sweetie?

    Hi Mel. Hope to see you here again more often.

    clu thanks so much for your kind words i will try i look for questions that interest me but no avail xxxx

    mycatsmom thanks sweetheart i hope so soon xxx

    Hi Mel.Good to hear from you.

    Clu, When I retired- - - -same thing. Nobody in my familly said anything to me.....Course they all live miles away.But, they could have called adn asked,or heard by word of mouth that I retired. Nobody among my friends and neighbors said anything too. And it's a big, life changing step.

           But, Clu, congratulations, and have a happy retirement for the rest of your life. What kind of work did you do ?   ~ ~ ~ ~  J D 


    I worked in factories in Quality control This was VERY stressful! Then to the casino in housekeeping!

    Happy Retirement.   Enjoy unwinding from routine.  It's great but keep yourself occupied with hobbies, friends, reading etc etc


    It all sounds good! Thanks for responding!

    We love our retirement, get to watch grandkids some, and do what we like, sometimes that is nothing! 


    I'm thinking nothing can be excellent!

    Having the option "to do nothing" is great!

    Congrats clu I'm right behind you...,,,,!! Think I only have bout 50 years to go...


    Thanks JDB Time will fly wait and see!

    My dad retired at 62. Back then, that was considered young to retire. Anyway, he really enjoyed the cottage that he built, and all his clubs and organizations......including his model trains that he built by scratch, and the tracks,etc.  were O guage.    And he and my  mom traveled. She had never traveled before.  He died at 78 . So, he had a good run.


    Good for your Dad. I do think a retired person needs a hobby or something to do. So far so good for me!

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