HELP! My MAC OS X won’t go to sleep. I’ve adjusted the settings in SYS PREF and it’s not paying any attention to me.

    I’ve gone to “Apple” and pressed all the right buttons. Now what do I try?


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    Take the battery out and put it back in 10 minutes later, if it still doesn't want to go to sleep tell it a night time story or sing it a lullaby.


    I’ll try them all. Unplug the battery in the keyboard. My machine plugs into the electrical plug (wall plug, does it even have a battery?) aauuurrrrggggggg

    Can’t find the batteries for anything other than the mouse. Where are those batteries?

    Jules, you can turn the whole unit off at the wall plug, wait 30 seconds and then try again, don't forget to turn your Mac off first, don't worry about the sleep mode as the mac after a while will go into sleep mode ( power saving) automatically when not in use. Forget what Romos said about the batteries, he having a lend of you. i assume you have an i Mac and not a Mac Pro -- Notebook/Laptop.

    Thank you, @bullet. Didn’t think of that. Come to think of it, the problem started after we had a power surge. I’ll try it now…….

    @bulletman! It worked It worked! Now the computer is working. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    The least i can do for a fellow iMac user.

    I have two Mac notebooks here. the older one has a removable battery , but not the new model. I generally leave mine plugged in and charging all the time. They only use battery power when the electrical utility goes out. I just close the lid and it goes  to sleep and a little light on the edge pulses away at a snuzzzzze rate. I use the 7year old model and it still runs well. Not a real race horse but I am so glad it is a MAC. I have had a few problems, they clear up when get my up-dates.  

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