Can we pray to Mary

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    Jesus said " I am the way and the truth and the life. No one gets to the father , but by me "

    In some religions they do. Not in mine though. It all depends on what   you believe.

    You can >>>

    i guess you can pray to anyone or anything you like,,,the question is can they or it help you,,,some people worship statues carved out of wood,,,and god said "why do you worship what the creator created and not the creator"  and the way mycatsmom said it is spot on,,,when you die comes the when your dead how can mathew,mark, luke,john,and mary help anyone on earth,,,mind you i wish they could   ,,,,heads up good buddies

    i once said to a friend of mine at work,,,"why do you call  mary  the virgin mary when she went on to have more kids to joseph"  she asked me where i got that from,,i told her in  MATHEW,,, and she said "when i get home i will rip that page out of the book"i guessed there was no good saying anymore to her,,,,,we are still friends

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