What national memento chokes you up?

    I live in the capital of Tx so statues and markers don't mean much to me BUT! I was driven by the Statue Of Liberty and almost started crying. What makes YOU feel like crying????

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    My Dads military medals which I can't access until 2041, yep I'm really going to be around then huh?


    What a shame! My brother got my dad's stuff and I wanted it. Oh, well...........

    I've asked the UK government but they say it is confidential until 2041, 100 bloody years after his service, he died when I was 7, not a lot of memories.

    What a sad story. Perhaps you can arrange for your kids to get it all......

    Strange, my dad who served in WW2 got his medals in the 1950's.Was your dad killed in the war; if so why are your dad's confidential and not mine? If I were you, I would contact your MP and ask serious questions.

    No nom, he died in the early sixties, I did contact my MP (Gordon Brown) more than a year ago now, it was him that got me most of the info.Even my Dads records are locked up till 2041.

    It could be that your dad was involved in secret operations, so that might be the reason.
    Perhaps you could track down some of his mates who might give you some info.

    I tried his regiment but there are virtually none of them left, I have a lot of old photos that explain a bit, he never mentioned a thing about the war to my Mother whom he met while training for the commandos in 1941, no records of him from there.

    jh, The boys are always favored in a family. My bro got an autographed Detroit Tigers baseball from my dad's best friend, in the 50s. I got zilch. He ended up giving it to his son, who doesn't care about the Tigers.

    Romos, sorry your dad died when you were 7.

    Obama is choking america

    My mum dying,

    Looking at my grandkids, and knowing that they are in for a tough ride financially.  That was caused by mismanagement and giving away too much to other countries, that chokes me up!!

    The raping of the United States Constitution by a shameless bunch of politicians whom only care about rewriting the basic ideologies in which are country was founded. The Constitution is the law of the land for all Americans to abide by, thus helping to establish a nation which is of the people, for the people, and by the people.; remember we the people. Basic history in which foolish government officials seemingly are ignorant about. I hope that our nation does not enter into another civil war, only this time unfortunately the body count will be astronomical. Please, for those of you who voted for OBAMA, forget to vote next time because you are all obviously ignorant of the facts. We truly need a third party, and it should be the Constitutionalist Party. Ron Paul was our best choice and we blindly threw it away.


    " The Constitution is the law of the land for all Americans to abide by"
    Actually it is the law the the government abides by. It was designed to give the power to the people and to limit the power of the government. It is also suppose to protect the people from a corrupt government. It is failing at this point because we are allowing a corrupt president to side step constitutional laws and create his own. As for Ron, we did not throw him away, he stopped running. I would have voted for him too. His son Rand is our next best hope in my opinion.

    We always have Rand Paul.

    jh, my dad once said that when he came back from Europe, and saw the statue of liberty, he got tears in his eyes, and so did other people on the ship. But, no, he was not in the military. They wouldn't take him b/c he had ear surgery , and so was hearing impaired, even as a young man.

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