How to find out if someone already has a patent on an idea

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    Get a Patent Research done. 

    Patents are only useful for 18 years and then expire. Getting a patent search is something anyone can do because the whole library is online.    IP awareness assessment  can help to understand confidentality in this regard. Beyond that there are a bizian patens some of which may describe your invention exactly, which should be a relief because the process of applying for a patent  is arduous and expensive. I know it is a gold mine of an takes money to make money...not just for a patent but also the sale of your invention or production, advertising, packaging and sales contracts.  

    Any expired patent can be produced by anyone. So all inventions, including computer code, older than todays date, 1995 is free for all, in  the public domain to produce and sell by the bucketfull. So if you are into manufacturing, you can produce all kinds of things...and many would be well worth while to produce and sell. Have at it.         


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