Should the Fort Hood military killer get death penalty ?

    In this case , my opinion , no. To complete his quest to kill the infidel ( americans ) he wants to be put to death to get his 69 virgins. Take away this fantasy belief , I would hope they don't give him the death penalty. It just fulfills his purpose of life to the Koran . This might deter other killers to not fulfill their quest because they wont see their favorable end to life collecting their 69 so called virgins.

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    He did Z, and it's 72 virgins mate, should keep him busy where ever he ends up, knowing the US appeal process he might die of old age though.


    He wont appeal. But the death sentence process could take a very long time. When others see solitary confinement as consequence, they may change their mind. Better yet, make him live in tents there in Ft,Leavenworth , Kansas. Winter can be brutally cold and summer extremely hot and humid. They need to be treated as inhumane as legally possible.

    I totally agree with you mate, unfortunately I live in a country with exactly that kind of weather......Bummer eh?

    Yes. I've never advocated the pro or cons of the death penalty but, this guy is begging for it. Forget the appeals and give it to him NOW.............

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