Do children with higher IQs tend to go on to become vegetarians?

    I don't know if it is true or not, but a British Medical Journal reported that children with higher IQs tend to go on to become vegetarian. Does that mean that children with lower IQs eat meat?

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    That is absurd! Stupid and beyond common sense. Just like the study that claimed mother's that listen to Mozart during pregnancy will give birth to little geniuses.. This was an actual study.. Problem with this study is that all the media got hold of it before the results came back. This caused a feeding frenzy of prego moms that were buying up all the Moxart they could get their hands on hoping to have a Mozart baby. There's were no baby mozarts reported..
    Just shows you women pay far too much attention to ads and reports. No the children do not grow up to be vegeterian, those found under the cabbages do.
    adam and eve both ate the apple looked what they learned

    i believe eve ate the large LEAF! and look what happened! oh wait, i'm not sure about this.

    Meat's me?

    i think that children with high i q's grow up to be vegetarians. i read about how beef and fowl are prepared for market and ... i have become almost a vegetarian!! my iq is probably about average. to be a true vegetarian, you must study and learn what foods to combine so you can continue with good health.
    Well, I think it's a good thing if you can remain healthy. I've known a few vegetarians and in the older pictures, they always looked healthier. I don't know why, most of them just look to thin, an unhealthy thin, not a nice thin.

    Notice the kids with the higher I.Q.'s were eating meat, to gain the higher I.Q.'s in the first place. Doe's their IQ drop, once they become vegetarians? That would be an interesting study...

    I'm just kidding on the last part, I've dated vegetarian women and lived with one, but like I said,"They were just to skinny." I like a healthy looking woman.

    p.s. I gave you a thumbs up on your question?

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