Ratings: How are they calculated?

    Sometimes I see that 6 of my akaQA peers have voted up an answer or question that I have posted.  The rating, however, is not 6. 
    Has anyone else noticed this and wondered?  
    How are the ratings calculated? 

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    I will forward this to the development team to make sure your account is reviving it's proper points. 

    As for calculations, when someone TU's your question, it increases the rating by one. 


    All set. E-mail is sent and the link to this question has been included. When you feel there may be an app issue, please alert the admin. They can contact the development team.

    So, each time a member gives a TU, the "rating" should increase by 1...

    Yes, for the TU for the actual question or answer. It shows +1 for each TU. If you get a TU and a thank you by the same person for your answer, it will only count the first one selected, either the TU or the thank the author.

    Thanks, Colleen. I know that if I give a thank you, the member earns 15. Sometimes I don't think the answer is TU material for MY taste, but I appreciate the effort. It's one or the other, not both, that earn points.
    Have a good weekend, what's left of it.

    I think I've hit the Thank You a few times but I really had no idea what it was for. I usually write "Thank You" but this time I'll ....

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