is the plant known as brides bowcay a irritant

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    Family - Apocynaceae

    Botanical Name - Plumeria pudica

    Plant Common Name - Bridal Bouquet, White Frangipani

    General Description

    Bridal bouquet is a semi-evergreen small tree native to Columbia, Venezuela and Curaçao. The branches and stems are thin for a Plumeria, weak and tend to break in high winds. The multiple stems form close to the ground and have an upright shape. The bark is tender and when cut or broke exudes, sticky, white sap which is an irritant. 

    Leaves are large, fiddle or spoon-shaped, almost sessile – without a stalk and hold on the trunk for a full plant. The large flowers sometimes appear before the leaves, summer through autumn and are held in branched clusters at the stem tips. Individual flowers are funnel-shaped ending in large, petal-like lobes which overlap to the left. The tubular part of the flower is long and attached to a thick flower stalk. Bridal bouquet flowers are waxy and unlike other frangipani are not typically fragrant. The color is white with a yellow or light green throat. The fruit is a two-part follicle with winged seeds inside.

    Grow bridal bouquet in frost-free locations outdoors or in containers or greenhouses in colder locations. It grows best in well-drained, rich soil and regular watering except when dormant, usually in the winter. Full sun or high, shifting shade is best for growth and flowering. Give it several hours of very bright light a day for flowering. Use bridal bouquet as an accent tree, a patio container tree and the blooms to make famous Polynesian leis. Often considered the only evergreen frangipani, bridal bouquet will lose foliage in winter if temperatures are chilly; it is fully evergreen only in warm winter tropical areas if soils are not too dry.

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