what is the difference between a friendship relationship and a courtship?

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    I have tried all three with my dog,and he still growls when he wants his food,

    Courtship is a dating relationship, romance, fancying , letters of love exchanged (those were the days!) no emails/texts in my day! ha! Courting is quite an old fashioned word now, but I still use it when inquiring about the love-life of people I know.......

    Friends can be what you want them to be, close or someone to go to the theatre/cinema/meal with, without romantic undertones!!.



    When I was 13, I met a boy on vacation. He liked me A LOT. He went back to his state and wrote me a letter with a STAMP every single day for about a year. He numbered them with Roman Numerals. I guess I had 100. I burned them all when I got married.
    He has followed me my entire life. I have not led him on. I don't even like him. He was not the least bit scary. He didn't STALK me. He wasn't the type. : )

    Friends you keep; lovers you lose. 

    with one you have sex, and with the other, you don't


    Let me add here: If you don't actually have sex, you probably think about it. You think about hugging, kissing, touching ... That's a love relationship.
    If you actually want to kiss your friend, something else may be going on in the relationship that hasn't quite hit your consciousness. Be alert.

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