i own 1999 grand prix it was running perfect n started making noise it got worse n isnt drivable now oil is good n just changed not leaking sounded like a lifter but at this point im not sure a valve maybe ?

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    Why didn't you have a mechanic check it when it started making noise? An issue like this can not be addressed over the internet. Someone has to be at the car physically checking it out. It needs to be put on a computer to find out what error codes the engine is putting out. Have it towed to a garage. If you didn't know how to fix the issue before the car died, then you are still not going to know to to fix the issue. Let someone qualified fix the car. 


    i wasnt driving my car or in it when it occured n cant get answers as to exactly what when n how long it was driving this way ive had someone look at it they said a censer problem i agree i cant know where to start if i dont know how it began thank you

    The best way to begin is like I said, have it hooked to a computer and find out what error codes there are.

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