when one of ours parents die do we got pay for the absent days

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    I am in the usa ,i have this question because i have tried to look in another pages about california employers rights and i dont found the answer . i been told for several friends that i have three days paid bacause my mother die .but in the job they discount me two days.thats why i am trying to found if thats is rightsor not.


    It is right according to your company. They set the days to 2 days. That is their prerogative.

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    Employers must state their policies regarding bereavement in writing. Once an employer establishes a bereavement policy, he must apply the policy to all employees equally.

    Since California law does not require employers to give employees time off for bereavement, an employer with no bereavement policy can choose to fire an employee who takes time off for bereavement. The employer can also require an employee to provide verification, such as a death certificate or obituary, before allowing the employee to take time off or allowing her to return to work following bereavement time.

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    Depends on the company and where the services are handled..................

    Here in the UK most private companys wouldn't pay for days off for any reason, but it depends on who you work for or if you have a contract. Here if you work for the state ie Councils,Police,Teaching,Hospitals,Govenment dept etc you get what they call compassionate leave, and that can be weeks in some cases.I would think it's pretty much the same the world over to be honest.

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