my monthly bill

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    We don't have your monthly bill, we answer your questions not handle or take care of your economy. You're in the wrong website if you want your bills


    Thanks, Don. But no thank you. It's enough that Colleen and Ducky are here. They are doing a wonderful job as a moderator. I'd love to, but I need to read more in the rules, and I already know half of them. And besides, I'm a moderator in two websites. In a game world, where we have hackers, and i have the power to kick and ban them. There were 3 chances, I'm very strict when it comes to cheating. :)

    I'm born 1993 :)
    And yes but it's more of Al-Dee-Vitch
    or Al-De-Wisht haha
    Idc that much, it's just a nickname that my friends gave me ^^

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