labor time --96 chev 1500 - 5.7 V-8 - fuel pump, in tank

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    About an hour. Disconnect the fill pipe, the wiring harness, the bolts holding the gas tank in place, drop the tank, remove screws on cover the fuel pump is under, remove old fuel pump, connect new fuel pump, put everything back together. Took me about an hour when I replaced the fuel pump on my Bronco. 

    Hint* make sure your gas tank is low on gas before you drop it. Less weight is easier to handle. 


    You are the crafty one!! I can't change a headlight without 500 bucks worth of harbor freight $2.99 each tools a road map and WebMD. :)
    J/k... I just choose not to get greasy anymore and besides, when I get down and in, I can't get up and out without medical assistance. LOL!

    They do not make headlights easy to access anymore. One almost actually needs the list you mentioned now. This is why I'll stick to Broncos for as long as I can. Owners can still work on them without specialized equipment. These new cars are impossible to work on. Everything is sealed up in the engine under some cover or cap that you need special equipment to remove. Soon the term backyard mechanic will be a term for the history books.

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