what makes tomato split

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    Click here and see sub-heading "Why do tomatoes crack".....

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    Overhead watering & rain seems to be the the most compelling cause that I have noticed. I am sure other factors come into play as well. There are many varieties and some split more easily than others. Some tomatoes like the plumb type tend to have tough skins. Ace, a commercial variety, breed specifically to not split from overhead watering, survive mechanical harversters and ripen all tomatoes at the same time. But backyard gardeners growing gourmet varietals will find many different varieties to choose from. Flavor, sweetness  and applications vary widely. The number of varieties has increased in so many ways that my personal choice for the  Brandywine heirloom variety seems a bit stogy. But the results are reliable.       


    cause why some and not all

    The fruit are usually not uniform in texture, ripening stage, exposure to water, skin toughness, variety, exposure time to water, time of day/night, temperature, humidity, sun exposure, skin thickness on the fruit, permeability of the skin on the fruit, water mineral and fertilizers. I am sure others have considered variables I may have overlooked. I have seen gardeners struggling to solve this problem for years. I would not doubt the abilities of other gardeners to produce tomatoes in the shape of sandwich or buns elongated like a roll of baloney in a variety of tempting flavors and aromas to complement any dish. We aren’t there yet.

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