I need help with digestive or any other stomach problems

    I'm going to make a video, and I was brainstorming a lot. So I thought, "hmm maybe I should i help others with their stomach problems?"

    So I brainstormed, a list of food or drinks that can help you with digestive problems
    Like flaxseeds, walnuts, kefir, plums, apriocots, grapes and other food that has a lot of fibre.
    And make a video about it, it's going to contain comedy and entertainment for those young and old people that have their problems.

    But I need more! Can you guys help me, find more foods or drinks that can ease your stomach pain or "problems or having trouble with your stomach that might be constipated"

    When I do make this video, I'll contribute you guys and thanking you for helping me :)

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    I'm even adding a "Did you know facts" ^^
    and some other stuff like it's good to train to pressure the stomach in order to "release air or fluids" as much as possible
    I'm trying my best, not to say disgusting words that might offend the person. Because I really want to see if they have the same problems like me. But thanks to these health blogs my stomach is going very well!

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    Try eliminating gluten, found in many foods. It is a research study on its own but lots of people cannot digest gluten. There is much more awareness of gluten intolerance in Europe than in North America, so it should be relatively easier for you to check this out.


    Seriosly? But I love bread D:

    There is gluten free bread along with many other GF products. If that is what the problem is, you will know very quickly.

    My sister said something about. It's better checking your allergy test when you turn 23 or 24. The last thing I want to have is an allergy gluten and milk products :(

    If you are gluten intolerant and you ignore it, it will only get worse. Take it from one who knows. Getting rid of problem foods will eliminate a lot of digestive problems. Food allergies are the main cause of things such as diarrhea, constipation, nausea, heartburn and the medical profession (for the most part) ignores it and prescribes medication, as though there is no other solution. :(

    no no you missunderstand haha i'm not allergic of anything, except smoke from ciggerates :O

    but thank you

    I thought you wanted to help others/yourself with stomach problems? "Stomach problems" are often due to food allergies.

    Make sure you tell everyone about Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar helps with all sorts of stomach ailments, especially indigestion.


    ooh thanks Python! :)
    I will have to buy some, i like apple :) yum yum

    Apparently, a combination of Sprite and bananas is a sure fire catalyst for vomit.   So, there's something NOT to eat. 
     There are millions of websites devoted to stomach help. Everyone likes Dr. Oz, right?‎  

    Personal tip:  Keep a food journal. Use it a reference when you feel bloated, are constipated (or the opposite), no energy, sleepy, are nauseated.  Gives you a clue what YOUR body doesn't tolerate well.   


    uuugh i never tried that...and vomiting is not the answer...they are painful. I haven't vomited for 11 years :)
    Because of my parents that have given me the right food

    Wonderful tummy remedies include  Mint of all varieties as tea, Lemons!!! High fibre-low fat diet!! Also a poached or boiled egg or two for or with the first meal, cutting caffeine out as much as possible! Fresh vegetables and fruits!   Happy tummy time !   ;) 


    You should try out those 1930 style commercials, wearing retro 30's clothes and having it very old color theme haha it'll be perfect. But now a days no understands these -sad face- i would laugh if i saw that kind of commerical. . .if only ^^

    LOL!!! ;D "It's Happy Tummy Time Folks!" LOL!

    LOL!!! ;D "It's Happy Tummy Time Folks!" LOL! OOPS ECHO!

    Judging from your photo, maybe you've swallowed too many furballs?


    Thank you for your funny comment, that made me laugh :D
    I was kind of having a bad day, but you made it fun ^^

    I like Giardiniera (Italian vegetables in vinegar & spices.) also pickles. solves my stomach problems nicely.  is informative about a common cause of such problems.  

    Bran and cooking with olive oil or use the pill form and fish oil pills try some herbal tea


    Fish oil pills? No not really, not everyone can take those. Because it could start giving side effects such as blouty stomach or other things :). Some kids get gas problems whenever they take that. How do I know, I had it xD So I stopped taking it. But olive oil is super!

    Good idea. Include papaya, 

    drink a tea to digest and phoop


    Yeah I heard there was a tea called Rooibos Tea. A some sort of red tea :) but is infused green tea? Anyways, too bad I can't get these imported in my country :/

    alde wicht, what country do you live in......Germany ?

    Nah, Sweden. Germany...oh god! I'd love to live there and settle life there :D

    Green Tea is good for digestion and does not have to be Rooibos.

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