Can (any) my cat drink from a regular tabletop water fountain?

    Gracie ALWAYS drank from her water bowl (spring water w/couple ice cubes) LOL  Anyway, she started wanting water out of shower faucet while I'm in there (she knows she has to wait til I'm done)  :)  At times when I'd go in the bathroom I'd give her some cuz she would b*tch til I did...      But now she won't drink out of her water bowl AT ALL so I give her what she wants so she at least gets water during day & night.

    Ok, I've also realized now she also has a fascination with the water going down the drain :) She's MAKING ME NUTS now :(  To top it all off I have severe back problems, etc. & it's not always easy to keep getting down & up for her.

    I ordered a pet fountain & it leaked so I don't even know if she'd drink from it :( So, I'm thinking about the reg. fountains cuz there are levels & again, she has the fascination now.  I've tried just about everywhere for an answer & NEVER got one.

    Can someone HELP ME with this, PLZZZ  :) I wouldn't order one with any charcoal, etc. And most are just rocks or granite, etc.  I want to be as sure as I can cuz I CAN'T keep this up :(

    Thank You & God Bless!

    Dadschild & Gracie

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    Is this the question you mentioned in your other question? It did post if it is ;) Hello and welcome back. As for the water from the faucet, I think she just finds it fascinating. If you leave a bowl of water out and leave the faucet off, she will drink from the bowl again. Survival instinct will force her to drink from the bowl.

    Hi Colleen :)
    Thank You sooo much, I thought I lost this & had to redo.
    No, she WILL NOT drink out of her bowl :( I tried waiting 4-5 days
    & the little sh*t refuses. So that's why I deal with the agony
    of getting on my knees so much :(
    I was getting scared that maybe she was SICK but if she wanted water that bad she'd drink from her bowl
    >spring water EVERYDAY < But also, she drives me NUTS EVERY time I go in the bathroom so she also knows I WILL give in at times! SHE'S MY BABY :) I think a solution for us both is a fountain :)
    >>> I just need to know if it's safe for drinking out of <<<
    Thanks, have a great weekend!



    Thank you for responses but I STILL NEED TO KNOW if it's SAFE for her :)

    Anyone know or know where - how I can find out if it's safe?

    A company or address, anything I can try to find out...

    SOONER the better, >>>for me anyway, LOL

    I'm lost. Is what safe for her? Drinking from the faucet? Or drinking from a fountain? I'd have to see what kind of fountain you are talking about. The faucet is safe enough.

    A table top fountain. If I can get a pic I'll put it up but am having a problem getting into photo gallery :( Still learning but no clue on problem. As for fountain I think she'll drink from, I think is rock, ceramic & granite. No charcoal or filters, etc.

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    PLZ Not for nothing but stop with the insinuations, etc. >>Are you here<<>> NOOOO

    4-5 days she did NOT touch her water bowl, PLZ take care of your own. I'm not here to go back & forth with you, sorry!

    I asked a question, not any opinion on how to care for her.

    If you have the answer to the fountain QUESTION, GREAT... If not, PLZ STOP... Thank You!

    I would hate to give you the wrong advice. I personally do not see how it could hurt her but I would feel better if you check with a veterinarian who should be able to answer this question better than I can.

    Thanks Colleen, think I will do that, I just HATE the phone but for her, GLADLY!
    Take good care & God Bless!
    Dadschild & Gracie :)

    I wish you luck in finding an answer.

    I found it's materials safe & ordered it :)
    Can't wait to get it & pray it works all around
    for her, LOL & me too! Til my next visit :)
    Take care & God Bless!

    I'm glad you found one! Hopefully she will love it :)

    I just got it & will set it up today after I'm up, LOL
    But I just saw another that would interest her MORE, figures :(
    I'll let you know, keep your fingers crossed :)

    Good luck!

    2 Answers

    It’s quite common for a cat to go out of their way to drink from a flowing or dripping faucet rather than drink from a water bowl. Cats instinctively recognize running water to be fresher than still water; feral or exotic cats will always choose a clear, running stream over a rain puddle. Pet water fountains filter and aerate water with movement. Similar to water in nature, the fountain moving water is much fresher than stagnant water. Movement constantly breaks the water’s surface tension and draws oxygen from the air into the water. The moving water from the pet water fountain mimics nature and entices animals to drink more.

    See more >>>


    So that’s why my chickens go for running water over standing water. I’ll work on that. Thanks!

    Glad this information assisted you.

    Thank you, it was/is interesting :)
    She's 8 years old & NEVER was interested in any faucet & ALWAYS gets fresh spring water >>EVERYDAY<<
    This new thing is cool & she is really funny & makes me laugh while I'm on my knees but I can't physically handle it. So, a fountain is OUR only option. I got a pet fountain, besides it leaked all over, she was NOT interested. Which is why again a table top with water running down as her interest in the tub :) is my ONLY HOPE :)

    Honestly, I'd provide fresh water in a clean bowl.  When your kitty is thirsty enough, she will drink from the bowl.  
    Most of us don't go to that much trouble for our children!   LOL 


    Thank you but I'm not everyone else or
    (most of us) & she gets spring water in a clean bowl EVERY SINGLE DAY :)
    She >is worth any trouble< & yes, she's spoiled but NOT spoiled rotten...
    She is LOVED to the FULLEST :)

    So are my cat, dog, children, grandchildren, etc. My cat gets filtered water, in a clean bowl, EVERY SINGLE DAY! I had one cat who would get in the shower every day after I was done to lick the water. The dog avoids puddles except to walk through....all creatures have their quirks.
    No one said not to spoil your Gracie. I merely said she WILL drink from her bowl when she is thirsty. You are the one perpetuating the problem.

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