Are you diabetic ? If so, I would like to ask questions.

    My Dr. had been telling me I'm pre-diabetic. Yesterday, ( 8-13-13 )  he told me  I've   definately got diabetes    :-(     My blood sugar was 179.

    He told me what food I'm supposed to stay away from......, which is just about everything.  What do you eat ? What kind of diet did your Dr. put you on ?  What foods, besides sugar are you not supposed to eat ?

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    Hey look on Facebook some of them support pages are really good I know diabetes .. But there not on here sorry :(

    I'm sure there are many diabetics out there who frequent akaQA

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    My mother was diabetic, she used to have everthing without sugar,she cooked cake  ie spnges and left the sugar out, rice pudding, plenty of vegtables, fruit ( not too many bananas) sugarless jam, no sweets, no cream cakes, no alcohol, only dry biscuits, there are lots of healthy food you can still eat.

    Also mycatsmom try this- American Diabetis Association, they have loads of information about whats best for you to eat.


    ok.T Y , all for your thougtful answers. Sunny, in fact, my Dr. did tell me to look at that website.And I'm going to call the local hosp. and see if they have any diabetic classes.

    I was diagnosed T2 about 10 years ago. I take my medication, avoid sugary foods , and take exercise. This last I find is very effective in lowering my blood sugar, so I go out on my bike nearly every day.


    I ride my bike often, but it doesn't help me lose weight :-|

    I think cycling doe's help mycatsmom, but you need to do it at least two or three times a week for about 20miles a time. This time last year I had more spare time and was able to loose just over a stone (14 lbs) by cycling about 2 miles twice a week and watching what I ate, this year has been harder to loose any because I have been working more and havn't had the time to cycle so much,just beeen doing 20 miles on a Sunday morning, and cheating on the potatoes and chocolate too much.

    Does a stationery bike do any good?

    Yes itsmee , it's all exercise every little bit helps.I prefere to get out around the country roads , it's fairly peaceful around here, so you can be pretty safe.

    Thx for letting me know more about cycling, folks.Guess I wasn't riding my bike far enough.

    Since this medical issue varies from P to P, stick to what your doc says and monitor your sugar level. Take meds on time. 


    sawali, I don't have a monitor. They cost too much. And I heard the test strips cost even more.I'm not on meds yet. My Dr. told me if I lose weight, he " won't touch me " meaning put me on meds.

    mycatsmom, try this. Received an offer from abbot Diabetese Carefor a FREEMETER THAT CALCULATES your insulin does. link below:

    good luck

    Thanks, Sawali

    My mother, her sister, and their mother all had Diabetes. When I have the yearly finger stick my blood work almost borders on Diabetes. How did you all get a diagnosis? Was it a finger stick or a needle in the arm and then the blood goes to the lab. Juliana how are you doing with your new diagnosis? I've looked up Diabetes and found it really difficult to understand. I hope you're doing well. How is exercise coming along. I can't do much exercise because of my back and neck problems.  P.S.  267 people have read your post and there were just a few comments. 



    itsmee, Thank you for responding and carings.My early diabetes was discovered by getting a yearly phsical---a blood draw showed that my sugar was a little high --That was 1 1/2 years ago. My Dr. told me then to just lose weight. Last Spring or summer, my sugar was a little higher 179.But, it's been going down, b/c I lay off the cookies, candy and ice cream. I lost 4 lbs. Last week whe I went to Dr. for a UTI, he said my sugar was 146...much better. Also, it's b/c I've been taking an herbal pill called Sugar Equilibrium. It's got more than one herb in it. You can buy it thru Botanic Choice. Itsmee, you are at risk to have diabetes, but glad you don't have a full blown case of it yet.

    itsmee, see my comments to mycatsmom.

    Usually it's taking a blood sample and send to lab for analysis. That is reliable.

    Juliana, I need a blood draw. My neighbor ALWAYS tells me this. Why doesn't my dang doctor know?!
    Thank you sawali. I'll check it out.

    179? I’d take a shot. Yes, I am diabetic, have been type I for 38 years. I watch my BG’s and test often. There are always offers for free meters on line. Finally, there are generic strips out there. I am so sorry for you but, it’s not the end of the world, trust me. Eat veggies and avoid carbs. But don’t starve yourself to death, nobody likes a dead diabetic……..


    Thx for the info and encouragement, jh . So, I'll look for an offer of the free monitor, and I'll be sure to look for generic strips.Hope your diabetes will always be stable. You seem to be able to do everything you want to do .

    I cheat but not to the point of hurting…………take it in stride but know it can be serious. God likes to prove proud people wrong…...

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