The One That Almost Got Away!

    Person, Place, or Thing!!!

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    When I turned 17 my godmother gave me a birthstone ring. My ring went missing out of my jewelry box. Come to fine out, my niece borrowed it.

    My godmother is deceased, R.I.P.!!!

    I was freshwater fishing the other and got a huge hit on my watermelon candy fluke. Otherwise known as a fishing lure, well this particular lake has a lot of weeds, but it's a great place to fish. Anyhow I tried to reel him up towards the top and he striped my drag and made a run for the weeds. So I tightened up my drag and pulled him up will a big bunch of weeds stuck to his face. It was a very nice large mouth bass, very much was worth the effort. So I took a picture of him and let him go.

    It is a fish...........

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