should I take a beating for her?

    I have been married for 29 years and the marriage has gone bad. Recently I reconnected with my 1st girlfriend from 1983 and shes also married. We instantly fell back in love and kind of picked up where we left off at 16 years old. We are so in love and we have been seeing each other and I love her kids to pieces I would love them like my own. Her husband found out and said if I dont leave her alone he is going to beat my head in. I remember him from school and he is a tough old farm boy so my question is being that I love her so much should I just take the beating and get it over with and move on with her and a new life? Please help me what should I do?

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    You should take all that energy that you're spending on "old girlfriend" and sink it into your marriage. Turning away from your marriage before it is actually finished (as in separation and divorce) is not the solution! If s/he'll do it WITH you, s/he'll also do it TO you and right now you are both CHEATING and LYING, not such a good foundation for a "new marriage", is it?

    Tough call. I would advise you get over it and work on your present marriage. The grass is always greener, etc..........

    Take a few Karate lessons and show the "tough" farm boy what it means to get mixed up with a tough city charmer like you.

    What in the world makes you think it would only be one beating?I would think he would beat you until you leave his (still) wife alone.


    ...or to death. Not to mention the moral message to the kids...oh what a bunch! Of crap!
    Darned get beat or not to get beat...either way he gets beat.

    Wow...where exactly did you lose your sense of reason? Situations like this are not good...and unhappy stories rarely ever have happy take the beating and then go forth with your busted nose or jaw or legs and cut your poor wife loose and do the new / old one a favor and cut her loose too...and then go get some mid-life crisis counselling...please!

    Are you sure you are not just living the life you wanted when you were 16yrs old, your not anymore. Are you sure your marrage is over, and what makes you think it will work now when it obviously didn't when you were 16 yrs old. Think about it, all the expence and stress of finishing your marrage, do you really want to take on someone elses children and all the hassle that comes with it, are you sure this is not just exitement that will die down in time leaving you feeling just like you do about your present marrage, will your newfound old love always want you when all you bits start to sag.

    The beating could result in a serious injury or even death.

    Move on is my advice.

    Sounds like a “darned if you do, darned if you don’t situation”. My solution to problems like this are to look for the “third option”.  The third option is to admit  you have really screwed yourself. Then write apologies to both parties, calculate your legal financial obligations, and restart your life far away and pay the compensation bills. A lawyer and accountant can help.      


    RUNNNNNNN for the hills...because as soon as the 'honeymoon' is over.....aiee carumba! 8O

    If the two of you have a sincere love for each other, why aren't you filing for divorces so you can be together for all the world to see instead of just the cockroaches in some sleazy motel. 

    Sorry, but cheating spouses are really low on my list of people I wish well. 

    There's going to be more than one beating, and maybe a permanent injury if you keep going with her. And you might get shot by a jealous husband. It's not worth it. You may think life with her would be all moonlight and roses.But, if you two divorced your spouses, and then got married.....then,'d have a baby .......Then the fighting would start. Then, her kids would become teenagers and they'd be a real pain.

    I wouldn't suggest it, you guys moved on. So I wouldn't concentrate myself an ex :)
    I know you love her, but love is one complicated word. As a man, I think you should let go. Don't run away from her, but whenever she needs your help or wants your support. That's your chance. Be best friends, doesn't hurt to hide your inner feelings. ^^
    I don't know if my advice is good, because I'm still young. But hell I know how you feel. Because that's how I felt about my ex girlfriend ^^

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