Q.iz there iz life after death?

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    everybody will say yes or no,,but nobody can give you their proof,,i have my proof that there is,,but you wont believe me have to find your own proof,,i looked in the bible.  best of luck mate


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    gald to hear,but proof should not in page it sholud be practically
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    excactly i-boy,,where you find your proof is up to you,i simply told you where i found mine,,

    I am living proof of life after death. Even my doctor agrees that I am dead since he cannot hear my heart beat. I worked in bio-feedback training when we were looking for answers to what a person can do with their mind to influence their body. As a result, I can control the opening and closing of my heart valves and demonstrate this to doctors occasionally by controlling the rate that valves in the heart open and close to make heartbeats inaudible. The eyes are also controllable in their reaction to light. The color of skin as well. Exploration of mental control of the physical body and its responses are much greater than anyone unfamiliar with this could believe.     

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