I am told that we have freedom of speech,? If this being the case, why is it that certain questions are not allowed to be asked ?d

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    Who told you this? I see you've asked one question here and answered one question. I do not see anyone telling you that you can not ask certain questions. This forum is adult content free because kids come here to read. It does not allow swearing because many people are sensitive to swear words and children do not need to see them. This is pretty standard for most forums on the internet. Are you confusing this forum with another? This is akaQA, a general question and answer forum.

    I'm sure he is -nods-

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    One can ask just about anything on here BUT, use some common sense and don't offend any person.  Manners is good...........

    bamba zonkie

    I thank you for your reply,and assure you that of course I am very aware of etiquette, what I am trying to say is if the question goes against the the political beliefs and reflects views in opposition to those which this site traditionally believes in ? ( in the vernacular ) opens up a political can of worms

    We have a long history of bantering about all kinds of subject matters. Give it a go and the only red hot buttons we have is profanity and pasting the bible into your QA. You can search for what we have hashed over already but there is no hard fast rule on the subject matter. Political debates are fun for me and , you know we like to research our answers or just toss in an opinion on a whim. So go for it….let’s see it.

    bamba zonkie

    Hi thank you for clarification I agree with you the reason I asked in the first place is because I answered a question on another Q and A network Yahoo to be exact about Jehovah Witness and although I answered from my own experiences they regarded it as an assault on their church, as it turned out it appeared that their Elders keep an eye out for descenters after that I could not ask any questions without being targeted in one way or another thanks again I will ask in future cheers

    I have several JW friends who drop by to play “My God is better than your God.” I like being polite with them and point out some twists and turns they never thought of before…I am a preachers kid and I like all religions, even the ones that don’t work. The classic book of old Jewish Fairy Tales was part of my linage so reading between the lines to justify anything is too easy. Several friends here have similar backgrounds as I have so when breaking bread you’ll likely see it toasted and burned humorously.

    You can ask whatever you want and answer however you wish.  There are a couple of people here designated as "moderators".  If you are "out of line", one or more of them will "deep-six" your words.  Just remember that talking nonsense is not the same as freedom of speech.

    I know common sense is not that common but ask what you have in mind within decency.

    chances are if you get shot for saying what you think,,you dont  have freedom of speech,,,and if you only get jail,,then you said something you should not have,,,,,understand???????

    bamba zonkie

    Not entirely, because what is meat to one person is poison to another it is patently impossible to please all the people all the time or even some of the people most of the time, I think it would be good to find a person who has a good sense of humour and is diametrically opposed to your philosophy who could go head to head (sounds sexy) with you may the best person win cheers

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