when can anger abe a healthy emotion

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    Yes, if channeled properly, read this >

    Anger is a healthy emotion, just be sure not to turn it to the inside, then it's called depression.....

    Anger is a healthy emotion when it isn't an obsessive emotion.  Some people are angry far too often, and that doesn't seem mentally, physically, spiritually, or emotionally healthy to me.  To NOT be angry when someone or something has done you wrong would be questionable. I tend to run on "hurt" more than "angry", which isn't any better. 
    Anger has its place; how it is demonstrated has limits.   

    When it is not vindictive nor an attempt to control others but simply a calm, precise way of stating facts about which you disagree....difficult to do at times.

    When you let off steam wthout hurting scream into your pillow, or hit your pillow . Or go out into the country and put the car widow down and yell and scream out the car window. My  X fiance' used to do that right in the city .

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