Are cougars nocturnal?

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    Cougars are primarily nocturnal creatures and, even when active in daylight, they are secretive and rarely seen. 


    Oh Oh, two different answers. I'd better look into my resource.

    Most of mine seemed to say they are a bit of both but mainly nocturnal.

    The one I saw on the bridge I was planning to cross a few years back was very much awake and it was the middle of the day. Perhaps a case of insomnia? :D

    Got a pair of them in the zoo here, the nightshift keepers must be busy.

    BF used to trap them up north.

    trapping animals is cruel

    Let's hear your alternative, MCM

      They hunt between 5:00 am and 7:00 am, and between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. They usually wander during the day and they sleep at night. These are usually the times that the deer are most active.
    Cougars are both nocturnal and crepuscular (active during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk). As a result, their eyes are proportionately smaller than the mostly nocturnal lynx, making pumas suited to hunting both in daylight and at night.(4, 5) The amount of light entering the eyeball is controlled by the pupil, and the pupil in smaller cats is elliptical.

    This allows it to open as wide as possible at night, but close almost completely in bright light, protecting light sensitive cells. Cougars and other big cats have round or oval pupils, reflecting a somewhat lesser dependency on nocturnal hunting.(1, 3) 

    Two years ago while painting house in back yard, I hear a noise behind me. It was three mule deer standing about 10 feet away. One with a long bleeding scratch on back leg. They ran off. Ten minutes later I was in house and looked out , there was a young mountain lion - cougar, standing in the same spot as the deer were. I grabbed my 10 gauge shotgun and by the time I got outside that cat was far away. I shot at it, hopefully to atleast scare it. Never would I ever think I would see that in the middle of the day.

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